Pure Sex

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Pure Sex

D.J. Manly gives us an amazing love story in Pure Sex. What happens when you don't know you're falling in love? What are the signs you get? Lance finds this out when he meets Tobias. Things go in a direction that neither of them expects. Manly never ceases to amaze with his stories of love and lust. This one is another of those. I look forward to reading it over again.

Lance's last tryst and employer Freddy has just passed away. Now it is time for him to move on to his next one. That would be Jackson Scott, billionaire. But before he can complete things he must get on his assistant's good side. Once completed he gets the contract started with Jackson but when Tobias Jackson's assistant finds out he is furious with Lance.

Jackson is elated and feels that they are going to be a happy little family. As time progresses things don't go along as smoothly as they hoped. One or the other of them is not happy and Jackson doesn't seem to understand why his "boys" aren't getting along when in fact they get along more than they themselves realize.

What is going on between Lance and Tobias, are they in love? Do they know it?

Book Blurb for Pure Sex

Genre: Contemporary, Gay, Romance, m/m, m/m/m
Pages: 184
Flame Rating: 5 Flames
Lance understood sex, it was pure and simple, and so was his new contract, until Tobias had to go and make things complicated.
Lance has never known love, and he scoffs at its existence. The only thing that matters to him is security, and that's why he makes contracts with wealthy men. They keep him in luxury and he fulfils their hearts desire. Lance is presently in need of a new client, and he sets his sights on the billionaire, Jackson Scott. And all goes smoothly until Jackson's personal assistant, the enigmatic Tobias Naso, decides to throw a wrench into the wheel.
Tobias would leave Jackson's employment in a heartbeat if it wasn't for the fact that he is helping his sister to support their grandmother in a very expensive care facility. Jackson is demanding and possessive and Tobias hardly has a life. Lance Cooper is just another thorn in his side, a scheming con man after Jackson's fortune. He makes it plain to Lance from the beginning that he doesn't approve, but when Jackson insists Tobias join them for a little recreational activity in the bedroom, things really start to get complicated.

Night Owl Reviews Dec, 2010 5.00