Point Blank

If you could get a do-over with your high school secret crush, would you?

Lanie is tired of wondering what would have happened if she had acted on a crush she had for the bad boy in high school. It took some time for her to muster up the courage, but here she is at her high school reunion ready to proposition the man who she's stacked all others against. After a parade of losers and an ex-husband who believed he could find better, Lanie is ready to let all of her inhibitions go and find out what could have been. What she wasn't prepared for was his immediate reaction and Rex has a few confessions to make as well.

Wonderfully erotic and intense for a quickie! Lanie's inner dialogue ramblings are humorous and I'm fairly certain exactly how many of us would think given the same situation. Lanie still has to do battle with her doubts, but bravely makes a point of not reacting how she normally would and just lays it all out there. What can I say about Rex? You have gotta love a guy who's willing to put a woman's pleasure before his own. He's still a bad boy, but has made some other significant improvements since high school. Although, I couldn't help, but feel a bit cheated on Lanie and Rex's history since it seems there was the makings of a great story builder there, but Ms. Hart more than makes up for it in plenty of other delightful ways. An arousing read for when you want something quick and dirty!

Book Blurb for Point Blank

No more safe choices. No more watching life pass her by. No more regrets.

It’s Lanie Jameson’s new mantra, or it would be if she had the guts to pull it off. Lanie’s harbored a secret crush on bad boy Rex Harper for longer than she can remember. And there’s no time like the present, right?

When Rex sees Lanie again he knows nothing’s changed—he still wants her in his bed. Lanie’s got the same idea—to fulfill a fantasy long overdue—except Rex doesn’t want the fantasy to end. He wants it to be real. For good. He just has to convince Lanie to give him a chance beyond her point-blank proposition.

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2011 3.75