Lady Starling's Stockings

Lady Solange Starling is a most accomplished spy with an affinity for lingerie. Her enemy conquests are as legendary as her taste for exquisite fabrics, but in the bedroom there is only one man she wishes to conquer.

The enigmatic Monsieur Noir has been a ghost for most of Solange's life with only timely rescues as visits. However, circumstances have forced him to reveal his continued existence as her new contact.

With each exchange of intel and lingerie, their harbored desires intensify and while Solange is ready for more, Noir holds back, reluctant because of the dangerous uncertainty of their future. Noir was always there for her at a time when death would have been the only other option, but will be there for her now and in the future?

Sensationally intriguing and erotically fulfilling, Ms. DeLand's story flows like the most delectable silk. A spy with an affinity for lingerie? Yes, please!

"Silk? The blood in her veins raced. Her favorite. Her fetish."

I absolutely loved Ms. DeLand's poetically sensual writing. Just melts in your mouth like chocolate when you read the story.

"Monsieur Noir. You tell me tales with your lips meant for love between my exquisite sheets."

Beauty, intellect, and courage. Solange is a woman confident of the "weapons" she possesses and she isn't afraid to use them against the tyrants of the world. While Noir is the perfect swoon-worthy tall, dark, and handsome hero. He is as devastatingly determined to ferret out the enemy as he is to please while in bed. My favorite historical romance couple by far!

The depth of the characters and the well researched treasonable storyline were delightfully surprising elements to be found in this novella. All in all a very entertaining read, which is my first by Ms. DeLand and I can expect not to be the last. Readers of erotic romance and readers of regency romance should take note of this brilliant tale.

Book Blurb for Lady Starling's Stockings

Regency Romance with Sizzle and Suspense!

A lady spy meets a rogue she's never forgotten. Together they unmask a traitor~and discover a love they've never dreamed of.

Lady Solange Starling has a special skill. But catching spies within her cousin’s embassy has never presented a challenge…until now.

One moonlit evening in a garden, Solange views a daring man she has not seen in years. A man she never forgot. A man, who even in his youth, carved his place in her life and her reverie.

Monsieur Noir, he calls himself. And so he is, a man living in shadows, dark and dangerous to her heart. As the two of them join together to weed out the nemesis who attempts to destroy their fight against Napoleon, Solange and Noir learn how rich grand passion can be.

Once more, they fight against cruel fate to give them what they most desire. Each other. Together in love and peace.

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2011 5.00