Blue's Boys, #1

Right from the start of Thief, the story is full of sexual tension and danger. I think the character Blue is so awesome that she defines girl power. She's not afraid to say what she wants or go after it. I find it so interesting that the author, Erin M. Leaf, went with this route for the story; two cops and a thief. I was really intrigued and couldn't wait to see how the story unfolds, and what the outcome was going to be.

Liam and Matt are cops who sneak into a warehouse to find evidence and have to hide in a closet when they hear people coming. They get the surprise of their life when they realize they're sharing the closet with a very sexy woman. Things get a little frisky and the story takes off from there.

Book Blurb for Thief

When you're a thief, your dating options are limited. When you're a cop, it's even worse. So what happens when a burglar and two lawmen are trapped together during a heist gone wrong?

Blue has been a thief for years, but she's never been in a situation quite like this. When you're crammed into a tiny space with two sexy detectives, things can get very dicey. Shockingly, instead of arresting her, Matt and Liam ask for a kiss. Blue is happy to oblige. Anything to keep the handcuffs off, right?

Matt and Liam never expect to end up cornered with a gorgeous thief. Liam has sworn off women and Matt can't find anyone he likes better than his partner, so their love lives are nonexistent. When they meet a woman who keeps the same crazy hours as cops do, maybe her criminal career choice isn't the deal breaker it should be?

Night Owl Reviews Feb, 2015 4.50