Shadows & Dreams

Kate Kane, Paranormal Investigator #2

Kate Kane has rules that keep her alive and one of them is be careful who you kill. Her job makes her the go-to girl for every supernatural mystery in London and her girlfriend is an eight-hundred-year-old vampire prince.

She was hired to find someone and winds up being arrested for murder. She has to do what she can to figure out the mystery before things get worse and the supernaturals get out of control.

I loved reading this. The author made me laugh at times. But it was also serious in some areas. Supernatural/paranormal books are always fun to read because they don't follow the norm. They can go their own way and you can make up your own characters and names and no one can tell you otherwise. This was an awesome read and one I have been wanting to read for a while. I'm so glad I got the chance.

Book Blurb for Shadows & Dreams

Second rule in this line of business: be careful who you kill.

My name's Kate Kane. And right now, I don't know which is more dangerous: my job, or my girlfriend. My job makes me the go-to girl for every supernatural mystery in London. My girlfriend's an eight-hundred-year-old vampire prince. Honestly, I think it's probably a tie.

A few weeks ago, I was hired for a simple missing person case. Next thing I know, I'm being arrested for murder, a vampire army is tearing up London, and even my dreams are out to get me. Something ancient, evil, and scary as hell is on the loose and looking for payback. The vampires are in chaos, the werewolves are culling everything, and the Witch Queen can't protect everyone.

Which means it's down to me. And all I've got to hold back the shadows is a stiff drink, a quirky sidekick, my creepy ex-boyfriend, and the woman who left me for a tech startup. It's going to be another interesting day.

Night Owl Reviews Oct, 2014 4.50