President Or Playboy

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President Or Playboy

President Or Playboy has so much drama. But what do you expect when it comes to the White House and Washington? Griff is an arrogant self-serving prick and I wanted him hurt so bad. He's fine going through life as long as the focus is on him. It's ok to cheat and be in the news but have his wife do the same thing and he's up in arms. I personally think she did a better job as president when he was in the hospital then he ever did. He is controlled by one thing and one thing only, the happy member in his pants.

I felt so bad for Lorelei and all the crap she had to deal with. All she really wanted was her husband’s love and instead she got hurt and had his indiscretions thrown in her face. She tried so hard to be a good wife and he never saw it. When she takes the chance at happiness with one of her secret service agents, Griff has a fit and does what he can to ruin it. And it all comes down to the color of her hair.

He needed a major reality check and a beat down. I'm surprised Lorelei stuck with him as long as she did. If it was me it would have been over when he told me how disgusting I was on our honeymoon. She's a better person than I am.

Overall this was a 3.5 star read for me.

Book Blurb for President Or Playboy

His days were filled with executive decisions, but his nights were filled with hot sex, whispered obscenities, and orgasms that flooded his soul!

Around every corner were women who wanted a taste of his ten-inch power, and our lusty president was only too happy to give it to them. What he didn't know was, while he was fucking the hell out of the population, close by a powerful femme fatale was planning to steal the country’s secrets from under his sexy nose!

By the time he learned her deadly secret, this Texas beauty with a gift for naughty sex already owned him body and soul. Now another executive decision had to be made.

To stop this woman from walking off with the country’s secrets, he would have to decide if he was a president—or a playboy!

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2015 3.50