Training Rain

Psychic Mates, #3

Training Rain is the third book in the Psychic Mates series by A. S. Fenichel. This book can be read and enjoyed as a standalone novel but is best read as part of the series.

Jess is a hot and sexy psychic who worked for a government agency until a fellow psychic tried to steal his ability. The result was that Jess almost died if not for the help of Rain Silver. Now Jess has a new employer who wants him to train a new recruit, Rain.

Rain is a Native American healer. She is very good at what she does even though she has not been trained. Rain is learning how to push herself and strengthen her abilities as well as use them as a weapon when she needs them too. She fights an internal battle when her new training clashes with her Native American values and teachings.

The connection between Jess and Rain is blistering. The chemistry builds from the beginning of the story. I liked that it was not a love at first sight story. It was realistic seeing them fall in love with each other. The sex scenes were scorching.

I found this book well written with an interesting plot. The way the author handled the psychic ability was realistic. The main and secondary characters were fascinating. The ending was a bit predictable but this story was more about the journey that brings Jess and Rain together. Overall, this was a great book.

Book Blurb for Training Rain

Having spent most of her life avoiding people and hiding her psychic gifts, Rain was shocked when the new Psi Alliance asked her to join. She didn’t count on the rigorous training or needing all of her Native American knowledge to complete the course. And if only she could ignore her attraction to her devilishly handsome instructor.

Jess shows up to train a new psychic recruit and the crazy woman shoots him in the doorway. His new student is the raven-haired beauty who’d once saved his life. Trying to keep his focus on survival training is hard enough without the added stress of a rogue government agency trying to kill them.

Escaping danger leads them directly into each other’s arms. The only question is—can they survive long enough to find comfort there?

A Romantica® paranormal erotic romance from Ellora’s Cave

Stands Alone: Yes

Night Owl Reviews Oct, 2014 4.00