The Submission Sessions

Shades of Love, #3

Kerri Robertson is stumped. Each relationship that she is in leaves her unfilled. She is unable to orgasm with a partner, but is able to do it on her own. Kerri is embarrassed that she has had to seek the advice of a therapist, but she comes across as strong because most people would have buried there head in the sand and refused to acknowledge that they might need help.

Sebastian March is a therapist who specializes in psychosexual therapy. He has a unique ability to see what woman really need in bed and then works to help guide them to help them achieve their goals. Sebastian is single and has not found the right woman that fit his needs.

The chemistry between Kerri and Sebastian is blistering. The sex scenes were steamy. I loved that Sebastian and Kerri were a match sexually. I also liked that Kerri was not really sure that being dominated in bed was what she needed.

I found this book well written. The main and secondary characters were interesting and engaging. The story line itself was not very realistic. I do like how Sebastian tried to correct the situation he found himself in however; I do not think a person in Kerri’s position would end up starting a relationship with him. Overall, this is a good book. I have not read Ms. Fowler before but I will be keeping an eye out for more by her in the future.

Book Blurb for The Submission Sessions

As yet another relationship ends badly, Kerri Robertson is left wondering why sex always leaves her feeling frustrated and she decides to seek the advice of a counselor. After only one session with her therapist, the gorgeous Sebastian March, Kerri is reassured to discover that there's definitely nothing wrong with her libido.

A unique ability to sense what women really want makes Sebastian the ideal therapist for Kerri, but when his first session with her reveals as much about his own sexual identity as it does about hers, he wants her to become far more than just his patient. Whether she is prepared to admit it or not, Kerri needs to be dominated in bed, and Sebastian wants to be the one to do it.

Be Warned: spanking, bondage, sex toys, anal play

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2014 4.00