Living The Dream

Wentworth Dawson is on an enforced vacation after a mild heart attack. He is at a loss as to what to do now that he can’t go to work. However he does check in with work often. Went meets Chip. Chip was where Went was years ago before he changed his life. Now Chip and Went can’t stay away from each other and try to make it work for long term.

The beginning of the story leaves you wanting to know more. By the end of the first chapter, I could not wait to finish the book. The author did a good job of drawing the reader in to his world. The story was very realistic. The pace of the story was a bit slow at some points and fast is others. I think this was due to the length of the story. The main characters and the secondary characters were exciting and genuine. I loved that both Went and Chip had faults and problems that made them realistic.

The point of view alternated between Went and Chip, giving the reader a glimpse inside both characters. The changing point of view was done in a way so the reader did not get lost or story lines are not repeated. The main issue of the story was Went trying to relax and loosen up. The main conflict of the story was well proportioned with the length of the story. The dialogue between the characters was genuine and distinctive. The characters voice matched not only the setting but fit their overall personality. The ending was a bit predictable but due to the length of story it was expected. I hope we get to see these characters again in the future.

Book Blurb for Living The Dream

Wentworth “Went" Dawson, young CEO and owner of Dawson Dynamics, is on an enforced vacation after suffering a mild heart attack. He has a list of foods he shouldn’t eat and a prescription for downtime, which is why he’s at Lake Tahoe, California, sitting in the hotel restaurant working on his laptop.

Chip knows all about life in the fast lane and heart attacks, the very reasons he sold his dot-com company six years ago and is now experiencing his own personal joy in the mountains, skiing, snowboarding, swimming, and hiking. Putting in a shift at the restaurant for spending money, he’s immediately attracted to the man with the laptop, and a little flirting proves that Went is interested also.

Will Went and Chip simply have a quick vacation fling, or is there more between them than meets the eye?

Genres: Gay / Contemporary

Night Owl Reviews Feb, 2015 4.00