Seven Deadly Sins, #2

Envy is the second book in the Seven Deadly Sins series by Laura B Cooper. I found that this book is best read as part of the series instead of as a standalone.

Liz Martin’s ex-boyfriend boyfriend Frazier shows up to help with a new case. Frazier wants Liz back. While Liz despises Frazier she can’t ignore the feeling he brings up, but she wants Carlton to dominate her.

Liz moved to New York City so her brother can go to school. She meets Carlton in her building and Liz ends up in a relationship with him. In addition, Carlton is also her boss. Carlton is a hot and sexy English man who is a partner at the law firm where Liz works. Carlton is disturbed by how Frazier seems so comfortable with Liz. The chemistry between Liz and Carlton is blistering hot. The sex scenes are hot and spicy.

I enjoyed how Ms. Cooper incorporated the title into the story in a way that it was not very obvious. Overall, this was a very well written story. While I am not very fond of short stories, it did not have a short story feel. It had a well-defined beginning, middle, and end. I really loved it. I can’t want to read the rest of the series.

Book Blurb for Envy

In the first part, LUST, young attorney Liz Martin had just moved to New York with her brother Palmer. They’d both had a tumultuous few years and were ready to put the past behind them and start fresh. But when Liz meets British born Carlton Michaud she’s swept off her feet and begins to worry that he could never provide the dark desires she still craves.

ENVY begins as Carlton makes a bold move and introduces Liz to his best friends and partners. It’s a giant step for a man who detests paparazzi and public life. But Liz has already discovered that Carlton isn’t the only Senior Partner who’s sleeping around. She hates cheaters more than anyone! Her previous boyfriend of eleven years had been caught red handed too, getting away from that ass had been one of the main reasons she so eagerly agreed to move to New York.

But the office has a new case and when Carlton asks her advice on a local Charleston Law Firm to partner with she has no choice but to recommend Frazier, Rice, Rutledge and Calhoun. Enter Benton Frazier, smart ass attorney and Liz’s former cheating dom boyfriend. He’s come to New York under the veil of smoothing out some rough edges regarding the Charleston Ports and Webster Shipping Company but Liz knows why he’s there. He’s there to claim his property…her. No matter how much she despises him she can’t escape the desires that build within her when he’s near. It isn’t really Benton she wants, she wants Carlton to dominate her but she can’t seem to find a conversation that starts with, “hey would you mind whipping me?”

On a rare moment alone in Carlton’s apartment Liz stumbles into a room that contains Carlton’s own little secrets. Now she knows he enjoys sexual play, but still how to approach it? As Carlton becomes green with ENVY over her comfort level with Benton Frazier, Liz struggles to keep her past from the man she loves.

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2013 4.00