Dungeon Building

Evelyn Barkley is a submissive who is also a journalist. Evelyn was badly hurt in her last relationship leaving her off men for a long time. Evelyn lives and works in a small town where anything someone does is ripe for gossip. Any potential relationship between a law enforcement officer and a newspaper editor is filled with the possibility of conflict.

Logan Hendricks is Lieutenant at the local police department. He has been attracted to Evelyn since she moved to town. He even has gone so far as to give her a nickname, Inky. Logan is a hot and sexy Dom.

The chemistry between Evelyn and Logan is blazing. The sex scenes were scorching. My biggest issue with Logan is his actions were so heavy handed in real life I don’t see being realistic. You can order someone into a relationship with you just because they are a submissive. In addition, Logan does not seem communicate with Evelyn, nor does he acknowledge what she is telling him.

Dungeon Building by Melinda Barron while not part of a series I hope to see these characters again in the future. This was an enjoyable book with engaging characters. This is more of a murder mystery, BDSM fantasy book. I just wish this book was more flushed out and realistic. Overall, this was a good book. I will be keeping an eye out for more by Melinda Barron.

Book Blurb for Dungeon Building

Newspaper editor Evelyn Barkley has isolated herself in the tiny Colorado town of Clearwater for three years, trying to get over a bad relationship. But one night at a collaring near Denver, she discovers Lieutenant Logan Hendricks, a Clearwater cop who has always pushed the wrong buttons for her, is a Dom without a sub.

Despite her misgivings, Evelyn agrees to submit to Logan, who finds her “dungeon” singularly lacking. But he has a solution: gifts of ropes, clips, clamps, and other assorted toys that will make their holiday very happy indeed.

Evelyn quickly discovers that she and Logan are a perfect fit, especially when she's tied up for their mutual pleasure. Now if they can just keep their toys a secret from nosy townspeople, and oh, find a murderer before he gets away, it'll be the best Christmas ever.

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2014 4.00