Better Together

The Billionaire's Bodyguard, #3

Better Together is the third book in The Billionaire’s Bodyguard series by Erin Leaf. This is a series where you don’t have to read the prior books to enjoy this book but it does help if you have.

Alex Roman is a wealth man who controls business easily and seems to get what he wants. However, his personal life is not that easily controlled. He plans to settle down with his boyfriend, Jesse, but the past is back to haunt them once more. A gunman targets Jesse because of his father’s past and Jesse leaves Alex to protect him.

The beginning of the story leaves you wanting to know more. At the end of the first chapter, I was excited to finish the book. The author did a good job of drawing the reader not just into her world but making it very realistic as well. The pace of the story was very fast but that was not unexpected due to the length of the story, at only 61 pages. The main characters and the secondary characters were fascinating and believable. Both Alex and Jesse had faults that they deal with as the handle each problem that comes up.

The point of view alternated between Alex and Jesse, giving the reader a glimpse inside both characters. The changing point of view was done with care so the reader did not get lost or repeat story lines. The main conflict was more than enough to keep the story moving along. At time I felt that the book could have been longer than it was. The characters fit their role in the conflict very well. The dialogue between the characters was honest and unique. The characters voice matched not only the setting but fit their overall personality. The ending was a bit predictable but the author takes the reader on a wonderful journey. I hope we get to see these characters again in the future.

Book Blurb for Better Together

Alex Roman controls a business empire, but he can’t control his personal life. Just when he thought he and his boyfriend, Jesse, could settle down and enjoy their life together, their past comes back to haunt them once again. They never discovered who killed Alex’s grandfather and Jesse’s father, and neither man would’ve wanted to know the truth if it meant tearing them apart, but that’s what happens.

When a crazy gunman targets Jesse for the sins of his father, he reluctantly decides he must leave the love of his life in order to keep him safe. Little does he know that his decision to protect Alex may ultimately be his undoing. Alex tracks him down and the gunman follows. A deadly confrontation leaves one man down, and their relationship fractured.

Will their love survive the ultimate test?

Night Owl Reviews May, 2015 4.00