Taking Chances

Arianne is a brilliant scientist who feels socially inept. Darrel is a brilliant scientist who's gregarious and flirty. While he's been hinting at a relationship for months, Arianne can't fathom that he'd want to be with her and doesn't take him seriously.

When the spacecraft takes a dangerous leap through space, Darrel convinces her to spend the night with him. Arianne, who'd never experience good sex or a good relationship, falls hard then must deal with feelings of jealousy and the idea Darrel may not feel the same.

Can Darrel convince Arianne she's worthy of his love or will she push him away in order to save herself from further heartbreak?

Although I found myself not liking the sharp-tongued Arianne, the author did a good job of portraying someone who is smart yet insecure. I understand why Arianne felt threatened by other women.

Taking Chances is a good examination of the vulnerability insecure people might feel when they fall in love. Of course there's lots of hot sex too!

Book Blurb for Taking Chances

Arianne and Darrel are part of a scientific team undertaking a dangerous voyage to explore distant planets. Arianne believes Darrel’s incessant flirtation is the only flaw in an otherwise perfect work relationship. In her experience, men have never lived up to their billing in romance novels.

During the turbulent days before their ship makes its first risky leap into the unknown, Darrel finally pushes through Arianne’s barriers and they become lovers. The intense pleasure thrusts Arianne into unsettling new emotional territory. But on this journey, their chances of survival, let alone finding happiness, are slim.

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2010 4.00