Lioness' Heart

Zoe Lionheart # 1

Zoe Laforge is a gorgeous, bad-ass killing machine with Crouching-Tiger-Hidden-Dragon type of surreal abilities.

After a run in with an assassin followed by bogus police officers (all of whom she feels obliged to kill), Zoe is pulled into an FBI Witness Protection Program. Seeing her tremendous intelligence and warfare skills, she’s recruited to an elite government group.

There she meets Matt, a man who seems able to melt her ice-cold heart. Meanwhile danger lurks behind every corner and Zoe’s skills are put to the ultimate test.

Lioness' Heart Heart was about Zoe and her awesomeness more than anything else. It read like a Jackie Chan kung fu movie. Death and violence reigned supreme. It seemed the plot existed merely as a means to put bad guys in Zoe’s path.

Lives were discarded with ease while Zoe doled out her idea of justice to her fair share of abusers.

If you enjoy violent, gory scenes you’ll like Lioness' Heart.

Book Blurb for Lioness' Heart

On the evening of her planned betrothal, a killer shoots down the friend of young system programmer, Zoe Laforge. On the run from a killer and bogus policemen, she is drafted into a maelstrom of violence. Soon her entire existence is at stake. The witness protection program offers Zoe a new identity and a new job. In the beginning, it seems as if her hacker skills are needed most, but suddenly someone's after her life. Zoe's fighting talents surprise her teammates, but even more of a surprise is the data about a terror act of yet unknown quality, which she retrieved. And only Zoe is in a position to make it fail. (Heat 4 / Pages 177)

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2010 3.75