Halo In Her Pocket

Heat Level - Carnal

Having a sexually adventurous and sensual nature, Devyn Wynne tried to convince her last two boyfriends to experiment. However, neither were interested. That's why she is shocked to find the pair in bed...together. Devyn breaks up with the latest, but the experience puts a damper on her interest in men and her self-confidence.

Shopping for a T-Shirt to wear to an obnoxious T-Shirt party, Devyn meets Shane DeVilbis. It's lust at first sight and when Shane kisses her, she has an orgasm. However, Devyn has her standards and insists there be no intercourse until the fourth date.

As luck would have it, Anchorage, AK, isn't that big of a city and the pair are headed to the same party that night. Smitten, they bend the rules spending every second together and counting each event that day as a separate date.

Sexual tension mounts as Devyn learns Shane is a connoisseur of women and sex. In fact, he's got a room full of toys, furniture and bondage equipment. Just what Devyn needs, but is commitment-phobic Shane the man for the job?

At 25,000 words Halo in her pocket is a quick, sexy read. The author does some fun stuff with angel/devil analogy and I felt it gave a good sense of place. The sexual tension is well done.

Book Blurb for Halo In Her Pocket

Strange things happen under the midnight sun as Devyn Wynne finds out first hand with Shane DeVilbiss. Is he the devil in disguise? Or an angel of love sent to help her find her true self? The temptations he presents prove far too tantalizing to bypass when her friend tosses her into his arms.

Shane promises her three dates before the midnight hour… and an orgasm for each one. It’s a night of discovery but who does Devyn find under the doormat she tosses away - Angel or Imp? Shane hopes for the perfect mixture of both. 

Content: Erotic Romance
This title contains explicit language, graphic sex, and some BDSM practices.


Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2007 4.00