Dangerous To Love

Paranormal Erotic Romance - Torrid

Dangerous To Love is a collection of three short stories. Dangerous To Love by Amelia Arnold 3.25 Stars Powerful and connected, Gina has restrictions on who she can love while Sebastian causes death to anyone he makes love to. Can the pair survive each other? Running at roughly 5,000 words, Dangerous To Love is a quickie read. With interesting characters and plot, it zips by and is over in a flash.


Till Death by Amelia Arnold 4.25 Stars Steve Bishop is a mystery writer who awakens one morning mysteriously married to a woman he doesn't love. His misery takes a turn for the worse when he learns his new wife and one of his best friends is plotting to kill him. Will Steve outwit the halfwits? I enjoyed the premise of this story. For a short story, running around 8,000 words, it had a busy plot that drew me in. I don't want to give anything away, but I will say this, it had a terrific ending.


Quest For Mercy by Eden Arthur 3 Stars MJ suffers from nightmares that leave her exhausted. To make matters worse she has an invisible lover who follows her to work (she is a reporter) and caresses her throughout the day. And now she's been invited to Shane Everett's wedding an event that is expected to last a week. Hoping for a story, she accepts the invitation only to realize when she arrives that she is the only guest. While in the Everett mansion, her invisible lover is gains in strength. Little does she know, she is the object of Shane's desires and that he possesses unusual powers that he intends to use to get what he wants. While I enjoyed the paranormal nature of the story I felt it ended abruptly. I wanted to know more about who Shane was and why MJ had to be "taken" the way she was. Also there was no resolution as to what would become of MJ. Did she report back to the newspaper or do we assume she gave up her old identity? This story runs about 18,000 words.

Book Blurb for Dangerous To Love

Till Death
Steve Bishop allows passion to rule his good sense when he learns the real meaning of till death, and his marriage to the beautiful Selene. The betrayal planned against him goes deeper than even he suspected. Steve has to find a way to stop it before he loses everything--including his life.
Dangerous To Love
Gina is the kind of woman who easily turns heads wherever she goes, but she's dangerous to love. She needs a special kind of man to handle her unusual needs. The right man has, so far, been elusive. Maybe the self-confident Sebastian is what she's looking for...but will he survive her loving?
Quest For Mercy
MJ receives an invitation to the Everett mansion for a weeklong celebration of the coming nuptials of Shane Everett. She hasn't seen Shane in years and barely knew him when they were children, but MJ's editor sees this as an opportunity to get an exclusive on the event. Reclusive Shane Everett sees the week as his last chance to fulfill a quest for mercy.

Night Owl Reviews May, 2008 3.25