Lover's Key

What do you do when you find out that the boogeyman is real? If you are Brandi Carroll you go on a mission to try to stop him. After Brandi witnesses her nephew being dragged away by a monster, she begins trying to find a way to stop it. Enter Julian and the Knights Templar. They are on a mission to collect seven keys that will open a door to hell and banish the evil that has been slowly leaking into the world. When Julian discovers that Brandi is more important to his mission than he first suspected, he must keep her safe, track down the rest of the keys and seal the gate to hell.
I love Sherri L. King’s work. Who else would join the Knights Templar with a Revenant, a vampire and a key to fight evil? Brandi is a great heroine; strong, determined and suitably mocking to all who stand in her way. Julian is a perfect hero; brave and honorable. Her world building is, as always, incomparable; she makes the extraordinary seem so possible that you almost can’t help but look around to see if any of it is happening in your town, or in this case if the Hope Diamond is real or not. Read it, it is one of the best stories that I’ve read lately.

Book Blurb for Lover's Key

Book Length: Novel
Brandi knows the boogeyman exists. She saw him with her own eyes, leading her nephew by the hand into a vast darkness, the child never to be seen again. Three years later, several more children are missing from the tiny town of Mt. Airy, vanished under the cover of night. Armed with a video camera and flashlight, Brandi sits in their bedrooms, waiting for the telltale rattle of a closet door, to prove to the townsfolk that she’s not crazy, that the monster is real—that it’s preying on their children.
Templar Knight Julian is on a quest for seven keys that will open the door to the underworld, so that he and his fellow Knights may send hell’s malevolent minions back to their maker. The mission is perilous enough without a distraction like Brandi. Julian didn’t count on their blazing passion, on her bravery—or the part she’s destined to play to vanquish evil from the Earth.

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2009 4.50