Dying Assassin

Wolf Harem, Book Three

Spencer and Dean have been injured in a bombing. Ryder and Luc are desperately trying to keep them alive and hide their secrets from the police with the help of the pack leaders and their doctor. While they are recovering from the attack and trying to figure out who sent the bomb, in walks Ethan Beckham. Ethan is dying of cancer and was sent by Greg Payton to finish the job. But the guys are too suspicious to be caught unaware and they decide to help Ethan rather than call the police or let him die. Ethan joins the family while Spencer and Ryder take care of Payton, but will this be the end of it or will Payton try again?

I got hooked on this series about a year ago and have been waiting for the next installment. Joyee Flynn has a way of making even the most outlandish plots (like gay polygamous werewolf families) seem really normal. I Love her characters and how human and flawed she makes them. I'm hoping to see another book in this series soon.

Book Blurb for Dying Assassin

In the next installment of the Wolf Harem series, Ryder and Luc are desperately trying to help in the aftermath of the bombing. They call on pack leaders for help and resources to aide Spencer and Dean. While Luc focuses on helping their men, Ryder works on the cover up, to hide every possible detail which could potentially reveal their true identities to the human police. As they work through the situation and fear losing the two men they love, there's one mystery they must solve, who hates them enough to send a bomb intended for murder?

Night Owl Reviews Dec, 2011 4.25