Bonded by Need

Shifting Bonds, Book One

Jayda Kynslan moved to Montana to take over the Veterinary Clinic near Coppertip Mountain.  The mountain is home to many mysteries but none are as shocking as the one Jayda finds inside herself. She's a polymorphic shifter; a mix of human, wolf and cougar, capable of taking any of the three forms.  Now Jayda isn't sure of who she is or what she needs and she's got two men willing to help her figure it out.  Sheriff Cole Takoda, head of the Wolf Council, has been helping Jayda gain control over her wolf for three months and now they have agreed to mate; Zane Brodan; game warden and recently returned to the area, took over as head of the cougar council when the previous leader was found guilty of murdering wolves; isn't interested in getting involved in a relationship, especially one as complicated as this promises to be.  Can Jayda choose between them or are they both necessary for her different beasts?  And can these three discover what is killing the cougars?

Okay I got kind of confused when I was reading this story, I felt like this was book two in the series and I had missed book one, I even checked the authors site to make sure that this was the first one, what I found was that this is actually the second part of the story arc, the first was part of an anthology from Liquid Silver books called Furry, Fluffy and Wild.  Once I made the connection and re-read the first part it made much more sense.  Even when I was confused I really loved the story, that's one of the reasons I checked into it, because I hated the idea of giving it a really bad review.  I do think that if Ms. Pierce combined the two short stories it would make for one really great full-length novel.

Book Blurb for Bonded by Need

Veterinarian Jayda Kynslan recently moved to Montana. The mountains hold many secrets but none as mysterious as hers. She’s just discovered she’s a polymorphic shifter—wolf, cougar, human. Jayda’s not sure who she is—or what her heart and body need.

Recently promised to Cole Takoda, the head of the wolf council, Jayda wants to believe their bond will fulfill her every need. But there’s no denying her cougar growls for a mate of its own. Leader of the cougar council, Zane Brodan has no desire to get involved in a romantic relationship. Tangling with a shifter already promised to another is a bad idea—except when it’s a luscious polymorphic shifter doing the tempting.

Cole believes Jayda is his lifemate. Zane can’t resist her seductions. It seems someone wants to ruin all their plans. As the temperature and body count rise, so does Jayda’s need to possess both men—wolf and cougar—and her needs refuse to be denied.

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2009 3.75