Three for the Road

I decided to review this novelette because of the shipping container idea and wanted to know what that was all about. What I found was a wonderful story. Berengaria Brown's novelette, "Three for the Road" is delightful. I enjoyed the way Chris, Robert and Jennifer all cared for each other. It was heartwarming to watch their respect and love grow as the story progressed. Sometimes m‚nage stories are all about the sex, but this one was all about the love between three people which led to the sex. I hope Berengaria can build on this story and make it into a longer novel.

Book Blurb for Three for the Road

When three bed-buddies go on a two-week road trip together, will it turn into a sex odyssey or will it destroy any hope of a relationship or romance?

Jennifer Adams agrees to a vacation with Chris and Robert. When she realizes she’s expected to live in a shipping container, instead of a conventional RV, the vacation is almost over before it begins. Jenni is lured by great sex with two yummy men. But will that be enough?

Be Warned: menage sex, multiple partners, anal sex, m/m sex 

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2011 4.75