Healing in Paradise

Paradise #10

I had forgotten just how much I love Tianna Xander as an author. I was reminded once again why I love her novels after reading her book, "Healing in Paradise." This is book 10 of the Paradise series but can stand alone if that is your desire. Anna was a firefighter until an unfortunate accident left her with burn scars as well as scars to her emotions. She is given the opportunity to visit Tilly in Paradise; a chance to remove herself from her current location, a chance to get away from the looks others give her when they see her scars, a chance to heal. While there she meets up with her forgotten past - a life she didn't remember. She finds and begins to remember the sisters that she once played with. You must read this novel yourself to find out just how Ryder, Blake and Tucker move into her life and her heart. I'm afraid to mention any more of the novel as there is a mystery to solve, a romance to kindle and a new life to be lived. This novel is a must read!!! I highly recommend Tianna Xander's novel, "Healing in Paradise."

Book Blurb for Healing in Paradise

After an accident that changes her life forever, Anna decides to take a trip to meet an online friend. Who knows, healing in Paradise may be just what she needs to bring her life back into perspective.

In the middle of the search for another of their alpha female’s long-lost sisters, Blake, Ryder and Tucker are called home to attend to a sick aunt. When they get there, he finds one very beautiful and familiar redhead. Having searched the country for her, they are surprised to find her healing in Paradise.

Night Owl Reviews Dec, 2011 5.00