Never As It Seems

You are a psychic and you have seen some things you shouldna have. Now you are in deep shit, the bad guys are after you. Enter Dave a good friend with a protection business and he has promised to give you a bodyguard to keep you safe.

Oh no, enter your ex lover Leo who walked away from you 3 years ago when you admitted to him about your special powers. Deep down you still have feelings for him but don't want your heart smashed again, so will he finally believe your powers? Can the heat that still lingers between the two of you be quenched or just full out combust? And how will he guard your body, from the inside, outside or both? Will true love prevail and the bad guys brought to justice?

Just read this enticing story by Shiloh Walker and find out. I am an avid fan of Shiloh's and as usual she didn't let me down with this suspenseful and erotic story.

Book Blurb for Never As It Seems

Three years after he walked away and broke her heart, Leo is back in Chloe’s life and that’s the last place she wants him. Not that she has any choice in the matter. She’s in big trouble. She needs somebody to watch her back, and he’s the “somebody”.
Three years ago, Chloe dumped a bombshell in Leo’s lap. I’m psychic, she told him. As if he was supposed to believe that. His world is black and white, and he doesn’t buy into that mumbo-jumbo. Walking away from her damn near killed him, but he couldn’t be with somebody he couldn’t trust.
His new job? Keep Chloe safe. That’s it. He’s not supposed to touch her. He’s not supposed to make love to her. He’s not supposed to want her…need her…love her. But he can’t stop thinking about her, can’t stop dreaming about her. Now that she’s back in his life, he can’t keep his hands off her either.

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2010 5.00