Hat Trick

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Hat Trick

Hat trick is an anthology of erotic romance detailing someone's "first time". Do you remember your "first time"? This reviewer sure does remember hers.

Drain Cleaner; in her rush to get to the store to buy some drain cleaner, Dianne ran into her neighbor Sam. After bumping into each other, Sam and Dianne felt a spark towards each other. So, Sam offers to unclog the drain for her the "old fashion way". After Sam fixes Dianne's drain, Dianne offers to take Sam out to dinner to show to her gratitude but Sam thinks it's a date.

Hockey Stick; Maggie and her married lover Emily are surfing the net to find a uniformed stud to help Maggie loss her "cherry". Maggie wants a uniformed man but Emily wants a hockey player. A man fitting the description answered their email. When the man came to the house, Emily got a surprise when she looked out and saw John the little brother of her husband's best friend. Will John tell or will this be the threesome that Maggie will never forget?

Lucky Boy; after his operation Alex decides to go to college. Alex is a closeted female-to-male transsexual. Alex meets a Stephanie who is a Goth the first night in his dorm doing a party in his dorm. Alex is attracted to her and she is attracted to him. One thing leads to another and they end up kissing and touching and then they fall to sleep. Alex has to decide whether to tell Stephanie about himself or just hope that she doesn't find out.

AJ Bray has written a wonderful story about three peoples "first time". After reading this story, this reviewer took a trip down memory lane back to my "first time". And it put a smile on my face. If you want to take your own trip down memory lane then I would recommend AJ Bray's Hat Trick for you to read.

Book Blurb for Hat Trick

Hat trick: noun--the scoring of three goals in a single game by one player. Three stories in one incredible volume. In "Drain Cleaner," Dianne blunders into her next-door neighbour in a blind rush to buy drain cleaner, only to be rescued by the very same woman, Sam, when she offers to unclog the drain the old-fashioned way. "Hockey Stick," is all about sex. Wet, sweaty, wall-banging, sheet-biting three-way sex. Finally, "Lucky Boy" delves deeply into the struggle of a closeted Female-to-Male transsexual, Ale. Away at university, where he must decide if he will trust Stephanie, the pretty Goth girl he befriends his first night in the dorms with his secret and ultimately his virginity.

Night Owl Reviews Dec, 2007 3.50