The Perfect Union

Perfect Love Book 1

I absolutely loved The Perfect Union. It is one of my favorite reads now. The characters in the story pull you in right from the beginning. The story pulls on the heartstrings. I fell in love with all of the characters from the very beginning. The emotions and the story were so genuine that it is very easy to believe. The emotion between the characters was amazing, the love they felt for each other is something to look for, that’s for sure. The acceptance between them for all their faults is what a true relationship should be like. Rick and Conor care for Calleigh's sons like they were theirs. The love flows so freely between the five. And of course they are very protective because of their alpha male tendencies. This story warmed my heart because of the happy ending that they all deserved. The three were best friends before they took their relationship to the next level and an amazing amount of trust that they all have. Calleigh, Rick and Conor create a family that is strong, one that will stick together through the hard times. Calleigh’s twin boys accept Conor and Rick very easily because they have always been the father figures in their life, they’re a fixture and the boys don’t want that to change.

The sex is hot and full of emotions and trust. The love that they feel is transferred into their love making. All the partners want to please the others. There is love in every touch between them, they can’t quit touching each other.

The characters have to work out problems in their relationship that crop up but they have enough trust and love for each other that the problems and solutions draw them closer. The title The Perfect Union seems to be a reflection of the relationship that Calleigh, Rick, and Conor have. I loved the emotion and the relationship that the characters had between each other. The storyline flowed seamlessly through everything.

Book Blurb for The Perfect Union

Two men, one woman and the desire to experience passion beyond their wildest dreams.

Calleigh Wells has spent the last three years rebuilding her life after being notified of the death of her husband in Iraq. On that darkest day of her life she met Rick Conner and Conor McGuire. Two men who share a bond beyond mere friendship.

Since then the three have become inseparable. Both men have become surrogate fathers to Calleigh's twin boys. They've created an unusual family filled with love, friendship, and support. However, lately Calleigh's dreams have been filled with feverish images of sweat slicked skin and twisting limbs. Of three. Unbeknownst to her Rick and Conor have also hungered to expand their friendship to new reaches. What will happen when all is revealed?

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2010 5.00