Ruby Tuesday

Wild Irish, Book Two

Ruby Tuesday is an amazing story. I absolutely loved it. The characters were awesome and touched my heart.

Teagan and Sky have a spark from the very beginning. Teagan is feisty and makes Sky work for all they share. Sky sees Teagan as the most giving person and sees beyond the outside, to the real Teagan. Teagan and Sky have their disagreements about the way things should be done but they have such a deep connection from the beginning that their fighting is fun for the most part, even when pushing the other person's buttons. Sky plays off on the rock star persona and Teagan looks past that, she looks for the real Sky. Sky is not used to this and it definitely throws him for a loop. Teagan and Sky's emotions are engaged from the beginning though they seemed to be confused about them at certain times. The two have to work through their confusion and what a relationship will mean. The changes that they will both face are huge and they have to decide if the risk will be worth it.

Teagan and Sky are both lovable characters that joke around and tease each other often. There are serious moments but more often are the teasing and the laughing, even in bed. The family dynamics play a part in this second Wild Irish book but in a different way. Teagan loves her family and clings to being close to them. She doesn't want her life to change and is worried about it changing. That is part of her problem with the new dynamic and feelings that Sky brings to her. The reader gets to know the other siblings better and I can't wait to get the other siblings stories. I love how this family pulls together, the way they love and support each other. Teagan and Sky have a playful loving relationship that draws you into the story early on.

I really want to read the next siblings story, I'm loving the way Mari Carr has brought this family to life.

Book Blurb for Ruby Tuesday

Length: Short Novel

Sky Mitchell is hiding out in Baltimore, seeking peace and solitude while he struggles with a career decision. Lead singer of popular rock group The Universe, he’s thinking of going it alone. Wandering into an Irish pub, he’s ecstatic to discover the breakout single for his solo album—but the songwriter doesn’t want to sell. One musical challenge later,  not only does he win the song, but also a writing partner to complete the rest of the album.

Teagan Collins has never aspired to fame and fortune. She’s content taking care of family, friends and neighbors, and singing in her family’s pub. Working on an album with Sky tests her patience…and her libido. The hot rocker plays her body like a fine instrument, their desire deepening with each song they write.

But someone doesn’t want Sky to go solo, and is repeatedly trying to sabotage the couple’s efforts. Undaunted, Sky wants Teagan to join him onstage at his farewell concert to sing her original, “Maybe Tomorrow”…

If they make it through today.

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2010 5.00