Reluctantly His

Wolves of East Anglia, #3

Reluctantly His is a good read. I have not read the previous two books in this series and did not need them to enjoy this story completely. Nika and Garrick are well written characters that were easy to fall in love with. Nika is gun shy but it is understandable after what her ex did to her. Luckily Garrick refuses to give up and instead pushes her to give in to what he knows is right and for forever. Garrick just wants to be with his mate but he also knows that he can't push her too fast because he will lose her. He has to walk a fine line and is doing a great job until his hands are tied by Nathan, a bloodthirsty werewolf. He is scared that he is going to lose her but he fights for both of their lives at the same time. She has a hard time excepting it at first but as they are held captured together she starts to come to grips with it somewhat as she realizes that it is still Garrick underneath it all. The emotions abound in this story.

I really enjoyed this story and can't wait for more to come for this series.

Book Blurb for Reluctantly His

When Nika had emigrated from California to Norwich, England, to run a pub with her then British born boyfriend, she'd never expected him to leave her for another woman when the going got rough. Now gun shy when it comes to men, she's sworn off them for a while. Until a hunky man comes to the pub one night and asks if she's on the menu. Not ready to start a new relationship, she fights her attraction for him.

Garrick knows Nika is his mate when her scent stirs his wolf. Having never really cared if he found his mate or not, now that he's found her, he wants her as his. Trying to tell her he's an immortal werewolf warrior is something he wants to put off until she gets to know him better. Until Nika forces his hand when she tells him to reveal it or lose her. But telling her the truth may cause him to lose her anyway.

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2011 4.00