Kidnapping the Groom

Kidnapping the Groom was a fun quick story.The characters had a hard time putting themselves back out there because of what had happened in their past. Cam did not want to open herself up to Gabe again because of what happened the last time. Cam does not think that she can survive it again and does not want to take that chance. Gabe realizes what Cam means to him and wants to make it up to her but she continues to push him away and run away from him. Cam and Gabe both have others helping them in the "courtship" of each other. The others know that they are meant to be together and are helping them get back together.

Book Blurb for Kidnapping the Groom

Length: Quickie

Cameron Greeley had spent a lot of years trying to put the memory of Gabe Holder behind her. But now he’s getting married to the wrong person and, despite the way they’d parted, she can’t let that happen.

Kidnapping Gabe and taking him to an isolated cabin, she treats him to hours of the hottest sex either of them could imagine. In one all-too-short evening they indulge in every erotic act she can think of—and then she dumps him back at his house, the memory of those hours eating at her. Will he let her go, or will he come after her, taking her into his bed and into his heart?


Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2010 3.50