Cherry's Jubilee

I absolutely loved Cherry's Jubilee. It was an amazing story. I fell in love with the characters very quickly. The sexual tension is extremely high throughout the book. The characters connect on a higher level of connection than just sex from the very beginning. They fulfill each other's fantasies as the story continues and make plans at the end to continue doing so. Cherry is open to anything that Connor, Jed, or Erik want to try because she trusts them not to hurt her. She knows that they will keep her safe and that they only want to give her pleasure.

Cherry is brought to a completely new level of pleasure and trust by these three men. Cherry likes all three men and sees them for who they are and not for money or what they can do for her. The men also do not take Cherry for granted. They realize that she is a smart lady and they enjoy talking to her. They do not think of her as a blonde bimbo. Connor, Jed, and Erik cherish Cherry and it is obvious throughout the story. The sex is hot but it is not just sex for sex. There is the emotional connection betweeen all of them that is carried throughout the entire story. I loved the characters and the way the story was written. I did not want to leave them when the story was over.

Book Blurb for Cherry's Jubilee

Length: Short Novel
Beneath Cherry’s straitlaced corporate persona beats the heart of an exhibitionist. She has always wanted to do something outrageous in public. Cherry has a fantasy—she’d like to be displayed before a group of gorgeous, sexy men, bound and spread naked for them to touch and taste. She’d really like it if those men were Connor O’Donnell and his two VPs, Jed and Erik.
When Connor throws a party to celebrate his contentious rise to CEO, Cherry gets the chance to make her wildest erotic fantasies come true with three of the hottest men she has ever seen. Her friend Patrick is competing for the prestigious position of head chef at O’Donnell International. Challenged to create a truly decadent, unforgettable dessert, he does—using Cherry’s artfully decorated body as his centerpiece.
Rumor holds that Connor shares everything with Jed and Erik. Everything. If things go as Cherry plans, they’ll all get exactly what they want.

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2010 5.00