Beyond Eden

Beyond Eden is the story of three people who've known each other since childhood. Danny and Paul grew up best friends, and Paul and Eve were high school sweethearts. Ten years later, when Eve comes back into the men's lives, they are all troubled spirits. Eve has no money or job, and she has left a failed engagement behind her. Paul is still trying unsuccessfully to please his hard and unloving father. Danny is still reeling from the loss of his mother five years earlier, and he finds that he is still in love with the two people he hasn't been able to get over since high school - Paul and Eve.

Most of the book takes place in Danny and Paul's house, dealing with the tangled lives of the three protagonists, with very little interaction with anyone else. Paul's relationship with his fianc‚e Trisha is shown, but his family is never physically in a scene. Eve's mother and father are discussed, but they are only present at the beginning of the story. Danny's sole focus is his love and concern for the welfare of Paul and Eve, and on his loneliness.

There are dark elements of BDSM in this story, so squeamish readers should beware. Included are Master/slave relationships, sadism and severe masochism, and bloodletting. However, there is also one of the most loving relationships I have ever found in a book. I adored these characters (especially Danny), and my heart broke as I read of the pain they were each going through. I laughed and cried along with them, and I could not figure out how or if any of them would be able to find a happily ever after.

Beyond Eden has immediately become one of my favorite books. I put it right up there with Tymber Dalton's "The Reluctant Dom". There were so many sexy, hot scenes, but just as many heartbreaking moments - sometimes they were one and the same. I will re-read it often. I was amazed to find that this is the first published work of Kele Moon, and I am eagerly anticipating future items from her. She has an amazing talent that has come through with a winner here, and I enjoyed this story immensely.

Book Blurb for Beyond Eden

**Read the book everyone’s talking about with this re-released, extended version of Beyond Eden—The original, darkly sexual love story that’ll leave you questioning everything you know about good and evil**

Three lifelong friends find themselves tangled in a web of love, pain and dangerous secrets in this erotic Garden of Eden tale.

Tall, dark and handsome Danny Carlow has always gotten whatever he wants except for the two he desires more than anything—his best friends, lovers Paul and Eve. Determined to claim what was never supposed to be his, Danny waits like a snake in the grass, poised for the right moment to offer them a temptation too delicious to resist.

Artist Eve Everton made the painful decision to leave her true love Paul for the siren call of New York City. Now ten years later, with her life in shambles, she returns. When Paul's waiting arms aren't available, Eve falls for Danny's charm and finds herself a willing accomplice in the dangerous games Danny plays.

Paul Mattling is a successful attorney with a bright future ahead of him, but behind those brilliant blue eyes are secret desires for a taste of the forbidden. Will he play it safe or give in to Danny and Eve and bite the apple?

Reader Advisory: Not for the faint of heart, the pain in this story is vivid and real, the emotions even more so. Haunting and poignant, Beyond Eden presents a darker side of BDSM. You might gasp. You might cry. You might find yourself reading it again and again.

Night Owl Reviews Oct, 2010 5.00