Yuletide Passion

This story was definitely not what I expected. It starts off as a typical paranormal romance but quickly becomes full of clichés and stereotypes. From an instant attraction complete with an electrical shock to magical properties that appear out of nowhere, this story has it all. And yet, I really liked it. How, I have no idea as the story was ridiculous and silly, totally unrealistic and I was riveted to my kindle and hated to put it down. Wild sex is eluded to but never really displayed, violence is almost the norm but the fights are never truly described besides lots of blood and money is no object. Overall, don’t expect any true depth to the story but expect fairy tale type aspects and the realization that you just need to go with the flow.

Emile comes from an abused background and is now a social worker. She is assigned a family who reminds her of the one she grew up in. She thinks the family should be protected by the local werewolf pack but for some reason it isn’t. Using her own money, she is ensuring that the mother and children are protected from the abusive husband/father and that the family has plenty of wood and food. When she arrives at the home, she is met by 4 very large men; the local pack’s alphas. There is an instant connection and they plan on claiming her as soon as possible. Suddenly she gets a call that she needs to come to the police station. Her last 3 boyfriends who disappeared have been found dead. She knows she didn’t kill them but it appears from looking at the pictures that it might be her crazy father who is in a cult. That doesn’t stop the 4 alphas from wanting her and they promptly make plans to move her to their home. But, things may change their minds!

This story is pure fluff and fun.

Book Blurb for Yuletide Passion

Emile Garland always believed she'd end up an old lady surrounded with cats, but she'd have dogs instead. Her sex life-what sex life? Any time she had hopes for seducing a man, he'd disappear. Emile was giving Santa one last opportunity to bring her a mate, but if something didn't happen by Christmas, she was giving up.

Ever since his parents were murdered on Christmas Eve, Baas Sather has hated the holiday, so he never celebrated it. Now, at the age of fifty and in his prime as a werewolf, he and four other pack leaders need to find a mate. But not one female in their group or the bordering ones carries the special scent. Baas had never considered anyone that wasn't a were as a possible mate. Alphas were known for their aggressive behavior and their strong sexual needs were too much for one human female, at least that's what he'd always believed.

Then a week before Yuletide, everything changed when she walked into their lives. One careless, and if he had anything to say about it it, soon-to-be-dead wolf had beaten and starved his mate and cubs. It fell to Baas and his brothers to take care of anyone who got out of hand within their pack. However, when one Emile Garland, a local social worker shows up, he's not prepared for her smart-alec mouth. Now all he could think about was how to convince her that she was made for him and his pack leaders...and how they were going to protect her from a psychotic stalker.

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2013 3.50