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Alex Finley left home at 16 for LA. Actually, it was just to get away. Her mother had just died from cancer. About a month before her mother died, her father ran out and then came home in time for the funeral with another woman on his arm! Alex just couldn’t take it any more. After living on the streets for about a year, she was taken in by David.

David wasn’t interested in Alex sexually and was more than twice her age. Instead, he encouraged her and had her learn accounting. For the past 6 years, Alex had been taking care of David’s books and paying him rent for living on his property. Now, David has died unexpectantely and his family has given Alex 24 hour to get out of the house. With no place left to go, she’s heading back to WY and the ranch her family has owned for more than 150 years.

Expecting to have to face her father, Alex is surprised to learn that he died to years prior. Not only that but the working ranch she left has been turn into a dude ranch and she has an 8 year old half brother! A man named Connor is running the place but can Alex control her temper long enough to find out what is happening?

Connor is from a bad background and would have been put in jail if Alex’s father, Grant had not convinced the judge to let him take Connor and put him to work. That was several years ago and after a rough start, Connor learned to love Grant and the ranch. Now, this daughter no one knew about until Grant had died comes to the ranch in a fury. It doesn’t help that Connor is attracted to her. Until things are settled though, Connor doesn’t dare do any more than treat her with politeness.

Alex is livid and doesn’t want anything to do with her father’s new family, a dude ranch or much else. However, she doesn’t have a lot of money and no where to go. The will says she has to stay for a year or forfeit her inheritance. She guesses she’ll stay.

Neighboring rancher, James Howard seems to be paying Alex a lot of attention. Is he after Alex or the ranch? He’s tried for the ranch before. Connor doesn’t care, he wants Alex to stay away from James but will she listen?

I had never read any of Beth Williamson’s books before. I had heard that they were excellent and had heard lots of rumors about this book way before it was available. So, when presented with the opportunity to check it out, I took it. Boy, am I glad I did. What I had heard was exactly correct. Her books are excellent, or at least, this one is.

The characters not only have depth but they are unique. Connor did not grow up on a ranch. He learned his job but he embodies all the great traits that you want a cowboy to have. Alex is feisty and hard headed and can take care of herself. She also has a soft spot and is loyal to those she cares about. These to characters clash a lot but that’s not always a bad thing. Secondary characters are just a diverse and enhance the story.

With sparks flying, you know that Connor and Alex are going to end up in bed. The sex scenes are sweet but not too sweet. They hold your interest and aren’t so long that you go enough already. Instead, they are the perfect length and extremely well written. The feelings that shine through them come across as honest and heartfelt.

However, those aren’t the only sex scenes in the book. Some readers might be offended by the first one as it includes two men and some homosexual activity. Yet, it also has a deep loving feeling to it and I didn’t find it off putting.

Situations throughout the book feel realistic and believable. When Alex finally goes on a ride with her younger brother and forgets to make sure someone knows where they went or that they even went somewhere together is completely natural. Alex has no children and could forget that you’re suppose to check to make sure children are allowed to go somewhere. They let the time get away from them, who hasn’t done that? Making a story believable allows the reader to visualize and feel as if they are there.

I can’t believe that I’ve never read any of Ms Williamson’s books before. I found this one fantastic. It kept my interest so I didn’t want to put it down and once I did I couldn’t wait until I could pick it back up. I fell in love with the characters as well as the ranch. It was sweet, it was raunchy and it was pretty much perfect.

Book Blurb for Unbridled

Hell hath no fury like Alex Finley…
For as long as Alex could remember, life had taken everything from her. Her father had abandoned her and her dying mother, only to return upon her death to reclaim the family’s Wyoming ranch—with a new wife. Alex’s rage drove her away to Los Angeles to live with a man who could never satisfy her.
Only after ten years does she come home—and she hits the town with a vengeance, unleashing her pent-up lust on willing cowpoke Connor Matthews. But she’s in for several shocks. It turns out that the ranch is now a resort, that her late father split the estate between Alex and her young step-brother, and that Connor—the bucking bronco she wants in her bed—is running the place.
Now, Alex is torn between accepting a new family, and a lover who can give her everything she needs—or selling out to a smooth-talking neighbor and leaving the past behind her. But only when her life is on the line does she realize what she desires most of all…

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2010 5.00