The Wind and The Sun

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The Wind and The Sun

Sunshine belongs to the Bright family and has been bantering with Zephyr, a member of the Wind family, for years about a contest that their grandparents had participated in. Neither can seem to drop the issue until Zephyr decides to challenge Sunshine to a new contest. Rules are made and the challenge begins. Unknown to Sunshine is Zephyr has more that the contest as his ultimate goal. He wants Sunshine.
This is a cute erotic short story. 
Neither contestant can stop sexually teasing the other but it takes Sunshine a while to figure out that this teasing could lead to something more serious. When things go to hands on, things not only steam up but Zephyr and Sunshine remind me of teenagers with their youthful enthusiasm and innocent daring. Yet later in the story, we are reminded that these are not human youth but decades old beings.
The agreement is four different locations, two picked from each. I loved how varied each location was. It was fun to visit cowboys and countryside as well as an amusement park and home. With each location a bit more of each character’s personality come forth until the end you have a fairly good picture of each in your head.
The sex was from innocent touches to steamy bedroom. All of it was well written and some of it was even daring. All of it though was fun. It was definitely an interesting contest and Zephyr and Sunshine were giving it their best.
For a cute quicky, this story is excellent. I thoroughly enjoyed it. It’s lighthearted and fast paced. At under 100 pages, it’s doesn’t take long to finish but you’ll want to go back and read it more than once. Yet, for a hot afternoon dip into erotica, you couldn’t do much better than this.

Book Blurb for The Wind and The Sun

Short Story
Ready for a modern rematch? Time to fan the sensual fires to discover who's stronger now. 
Sunshine Bright is proud to uphold the family name and help maintain their status over the Wind family. The fact that tall, dark and yummy Zephyr makes her break out in heat flashes with his mere presence is no reason she can't win the new challenge between the families for the title of the strongest. 
Zephyr Wind knew it would take some planning to be able to get what he wants - and what he wants is Sunshine. All the time and in every way. The lanky blonde ties him up in knots faster than you can say gale force winds. There's also the little problem of spontaneous combustion to worry about. 
Aesop will never be the same again. 

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2010 4.75