The Dares That Bind

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The Dares That Bind

A Dareville romance

Victoria, Vic, Robeson works taking tolls from cars at the Danville stop of the turnpike.  While things are slow at night, Vic uses her downtime to work on a novel.  This night though, her co-worker, Kerry, is telling her about a new club that is opening up on the beach and about a great concert that is going to be held on the same night as the club’s opening.  The conversation stops though when a hot car with a hotter guy pulls up to pay the toll.  Vic is surprised to find a note with the money asking her to call him when she gets off work. 


Alton Weiss is heading to Dareville for business and will only be there a short time.  He finds himself attracted to Vic and knows he can meet her needs if she dares to call him.  If she does though, will she trust him enough to let him call the shots?

This is a fast reading short story that never slows down or drags.  It crams as much as it can into a short period of time, Vic and Alton are only together for days and have to make the best use of their time that they can!  Alton exposes Vic to a side of life she didn’t know about and she finds that this walk on the wild side fits her to tee.

The characters do not have a great deal of depth but you do get more than a superficial feel for them.  Vic’s mother and sister make appearances throughout the story and a bit of her life history is exposed but very little of Alton’s life is shared though he is known through the media.

I found it strange that Virginia Beach/Norfolk area of Virginia had comments about not being big enough for the type of club that was opening.  With several military installations in that general area with all the accompanying contractors plus all the other commerce found at a port city, I would think that this would be the perfect place.  Port cities are known around to the world to be a bit wild.

Regardless, I liked this book and Vic’s walk into a way of life that she had never even dreamed about but fit into so well.

This book does contain graphic sexual scenes and BDSM.


Book Blurb for The Dares That Bind

Book 1.5 of Dareville!

Victoria Robeson is content to live at home and work her dead-end job, despite dealing with her overbearing mother, just as long as she has time to write. When she meets the handsome and mysterious Alton Weiss as Dareville prepares for Brady Garriston's big concert, Vic is unnerved and intrigued by how well he knows her personality and desires.

Alton introduces her to a world of sensuality and submission, encouraging her to become a new woman. But is Alton merely a weekend distraction, or the promise of a better life?

Includes Bondage & D/s


Night Owl Reviews May, 2009 3.50