Steel Dominance

Steamwork Chronicles, #3

The steampunk adventures continue with this latest addition to the Steampunk Chronicles with court intrigue, unsolvable puzzles and a deadly lost love. Dankyo from the first book is now the lead character and he has been tasked to provide security for Sophia while she tries to solve a centuries old puzzle. But the roles that they are forced to play become almost real as the attraction between them begin to sizzle and the fantasies that Sophia has only dreamed about become real. Dankyo is asking for Sophia’s trust even as he pushes her past her sexual comfort zones as he introduces her to BDSM and a little female loving. Still, if he doesn’t keep his mind on his first priority, security, neither of them may live to return home!

Sophia has been studying the Clock-work Warrior for years and thinks she will be able to solve its puzzle, if she can study it up close. If she can, her carreer will be made and if not, she’s not sure what she will do. But, the Clock-work Warrior’s tomb is in a garden in the middle of the harem of the emperor of Byzantine and to get there Sophia will have to pose as a slave. Dankyo is a highly skilled bodyguard and security expert. He’s been asked to escort Sophia and to provide her cover. To do this, Sophia is going to have to learn how to be a slave, which goes against everything she believes in, so why is she so sexually turned on submitting to Dankyo?

Though this is the third book in this series, it can be read without having read the previous two books. However, this is such good steampunk, you’re going to want to read them! This is also outstanding erotica with a BDSM theme. Expect several explicit scenes and a few twists that aren’t expected. But most of all, this is an adventure with all the things great adventure stories have in them; fights, flights, deception and much more. Expect thrills and chills as you work your way through the Clock-work Warrior puzzle.

Book Blurb for Steel Dominance

A brilliant researcher, Sofia must unravel the ancient puzzle of the Clockwork Warrior or her career will be in tatters. Yet the tomb of the warrior is in the dangerous city of Byzantium, inside the harem of the Emperor. She knew she'd have to pose as a slave--but not that her “owner” would be the incredibly bossy, gorgeous bodyguard she's been assigned.

A life of military duty has left Dankyo unprepared for Sophia. He's never met a woman quite like this. She's smart and beautiful, and she's something that he's finding almost irresistible--despite the way she fights against masquerading as his slave, she's submissive right down to the bottom of her soul. And that's bringing out every dominant instinct in his body.

But even as he realizes she's captured his heart, the city explodes into madness. Surviving seems impossible. Can love and a Dom who will never give up overcome sheer bloody-minded evil?

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2013 5.00