The Prowling

Shifter, #4

Drake is part of a family of shifters. In fact, he’s the twin brother to Brock. When he was younger his maternal grandfather kidnapped him to do experiments on him changing him forever. These changes made him different from his brother and it bothered Drake. Drake’s family is a close knit one except for his mother’s side which is fully human and considers the shifter as animals.
When Drake’s mother’s father dies, he leaves everything to Josh Stan, a co-worker. Drake’s mother is extremely upset as she wants what was her mothers. Drake and Brock come up with a plan to break into the family mansion and take want is rightfully their mothers. With Christmas only a month away, they can’t think of a better present.
Heather lives in the mansion with Josh Stan, her guardian and controller of her inheritance and Carrick, Josh Stan’s daughter. Carrick and Heather are best friends and know Josh is into something bad but they aren’t sure what. To figure it out, they’ve been stealing papers and anything else they can get their hands on and not get caught. When they catch Drake and Brock breaking into the attic to collect some boxes, suddenly they find themselves kidnapped! Brock had found his mate.
I loved this book for several reasons. 
The family dynamics were awesome. This is a tight family with fantastic interactions. When Drake shows up late for his cousin’s birthday party his punishment is driving a car load of giggling girls to a skating party. Drake and Brock are grown but they sure don’t want to upset their mother. The caring and love were visible with each interaction weather between cousins, parents or siblings. This doesn’t mean everything was sweetness and light though!
The characters were well developed with problems, feelings and histories. Some of the character development was done by the interactions with each other. As the story unfolds, many aspects of a shifter’s life is reviled as well as the break between Drake and Brock’s parents and their grandfather.
Overall, an awesome love story set in a loving family. There is graphic and explosive sex but it only enhances the story and brings the characters more to life. As the title implies that this is the 4th book, I’m going to have to find the previous ones and will be looking forward to reading more about this unique family of shifters.

Book Blurb for The Prowling

The Draeger brothers are a unique breed for one simple reason. They are identical twins. It is something never happens in the shifter world. But where they might look alike in appearance their personalities differ.

Brock is funny, laid back and easygoing, and Drake is hard and dark. They balance each other out perfectly, but the balance gets tipped when Drake gives in to his vengeful side.

Together the brothers are a force to be reckoned with. They will do anything and everything to keep their family safe, but when they mate, a choice is laid before them. Give in to the hate, or give in to their hearts.

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2009 5.00