Sex On The Beach

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Sex On The Beach

The book Sex on the Beach is three stories under one cover. Each story has the wedding of Bella and Danny as the background and each is set during the same one-week period. Each story is unique in its own way and has the same events happening with a different characters’ perspective.
War of the Sexes starts the day before everyone in the wedding party is to arrive. Wedding planner, Sarah McCann is already on site getting all the last minute details in place   Bella and Danny are at the resort as well. Danny has expressed the desire that his good friend, Freedom Latontaine do the wedding pictures. Sarah isn’t sure that he’s going to be right as he does travel pictures, not weddings. Still Sarah’s willing to talk to Freedom but she has a local photographer on stand-by. In the meantime, that great looking guy at the bar would be interesting to get to know a lot better.
Freedom Latontaine has come to Belize a day earlier than planned. He’s sure that Bella waited for him to be out of the picture before tricking Danny into proposing. Well, he has a week to figure out how to stop the wedding but in the meantime, getting to know the pretty woman sitting drinking Sex on the Beach definitely is in his best interests. 
With Sarah doing everything in her power to give Bella and Danny their perfect wedding, what is she doing with Freedom?
New York model, Tamiko Sato has accompanied best selling thrill novelist and Danny’s uncle, Zane Slade to the wedding in Sex with the Proper Stranger. What people don’t know is Zane is gay and Tamiko is a cover which suits her just fine. She doesn’t want a relationship and is getting ready to sign a big contract with a cosmetic’s company. She needs the money to pay off medical bills and to support her mother. Tamiko doesn’t expect to be attracted to Ricardo Nunez.
Ricardo owns the resort where the wedding is being held. He also has a 4-year-old daughter that he is raising with his mother. His ex-wife ran out years ago finding that she missed the big city and her job. Ricardo has a strict policy to never mess with the guests but something about Tamiko draws him to her. Can he risk getting involved with another big city woman?
Bella’s parents divorced when she was 5. All they did was fight and they can’t be around each other before they start again. Still, she wants both at her wedding and Sarah has worked on keeping them apart. In Sexy Exes, James and Giovanna find that the spark that brought them together may not be dead. Can they stay civil with each other long enough to find out or will former behavioral patterns take over?
This was a fun book to read. 
There were so many stories going on that they needed to be divided into three sections. Besides the main stories, there are subtle other stories going on and some not so subtle happenings. Zane has a partner left behind, as he’s sure he’ll loose fans if they learn he’s gay. Bella and Danny end up almost breaking up. There’s also an older British couple at the resort celebrating their anniversary and giving advise to anyone asking for it. 
The characters were excellent. Because the stories are fairly short, you don’t get a tremendous amount of background histories but there is enough that you understand the motives behind each character and each character has quirks and beliefs based on their past. Love seems to give each something else to reflect on and gives them new paths to explore.
The military has nothing on this bunch for organizing culvert operations with no one knowing what is going on. There is more sneaking around and not letting people know what is going on than you can imagine. There must be a fairly good size beach at this resort with all the sex on the beach! 
I loved the way each of the stories covered the same days but the characters had different experiences and different perspectives of the same events. It was one busy week as activities were planned for everyone and some people had their own agenda. Ms Lyons had everything meshing together in an interesting and wonderful way that gave the reader a good idea of how the week was going.
While this book is marketed as an erotic romance, I did not find it to be as graphic as many erotic romances. The emphasis was on the romance and the relationships rather than the sex. That is not to say that there wasn’t some really hot sex, just that there is more to these stories than just sex.
I highly recommend this book to anyone who enjoys a good romance with at least the potential of happily ever afters.

Book Blurb for Sex On The Beach

From the author of the Awesome Foursome series and Champagne Rules comes a new novel to heat up the winter months.

Everyone's cordially invited to attend the steamiest wedding of the year...

Sarah believes every woman deserves a wedding- even if she hasn't found her own guy yet. Freeman is the groom's best friend, and he's out to save his buddy from the mistake of marriage. When Sarah and Free meet, it's war between the sexes.

New York model Tamiko Sato has come to Belize as the arm-candy for the bride's macho (and deep-in-the-closet) uncle. The ruse is threatened when a resort manager catches her eye.

James Moncrieff and his ex-wife, Giovanna, agree to be on their best behavior for their daughter's wedding. But Giovanna is still the passionate woman the conservative professor married-and she's out to make him remember their own hot wedding night.

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2010 4.75