Secretary for Two

Nicole Kerrigan has been the administrative assistant to Austin Summers, CEO of Summers Biotech. She has been interested in her boss pretty much since she started working for him but nothing she does seems to grab his attention. Of course, she dresses and acts professional while in the work environment and pretty much does the same outside of it too, not that Austin would know as they've never met outside of work. Nicole is always called Ms Kerrigan as she goes through her work day, doing the normal office duties and occasionally making dates and reservations for her boss.

What she doesn't know is her boss's identical twin brother, Anthony or Tony, is going to be pretending to be Austin while Austin is at a meeting in New York. Austin actually needs to be at two meetings at the same time and figures that Tony can be at one while he's making a presentation at the other. Surely no one will notice!

Tony knows that Austin is interested in his secretary, or administrative assistance. Austin won't make any type of move because he doesn't believe in dating someone who works for him. When Tony walks into Austin's office, he learns that Nicole is just as interested in Austin. He has a plan to change their relationship and hopes his brother appreciates it.

Nicole knows something isn't right with her boss, especially when he tells her to buy a low cut black dress and make reservations for both of them at a local Italian restaurant. He's never even given a hint of interest before now.

Nicole goes along but quickly figures out that it must be Austin's twin. Dinner is nice but what Tony does to her after at Austin's apartment is even better. She never would have guessed that Austin was interested in tying women up and floggers!

Tony soon needs to put his private detective skills to work when Austin is shot prior to his meeting and one of the key players at Tony's is shocked he's in attendance. There is a definite connection. Can Tony figure it out?

With Austin being shot the gig is up for trying to keep Nicole ignorant of the brothers game. Both are shocked when they learn she'd already figured it out. Austin is even more shocked when Tony tells him about his encounter with Nicole. Tony has Nicole ready for Austin but will Austin follow through?

This story wasn't what I was expecting. I thought I was getting a nice sexy m‚nage with some BDSM elements. I got that plus so much more.

The suspense element while surprising was excellent and added an extra layer of interest. It may not have taken Tony long to figure out who was behind the shooting but he still needed to get the evidence to have him arrested. While he's working on that though his man is getting desperate and desperate men do stupid things. This one is no different and suddenly Nicole finds herself in a position she never expected.

The plot was based on two different ideologies. Austin wants to take his research and use it for the betterment of those less fortunate. The company that he's been doing business with only sees profit and wants to use the research to make millions. When these two ideologies clash, someone is going to loose.

Austin and Tony are use to sharing their women. Nicole not only is not use to two men much less BDSM! To Austin, Nicole is much more than just someone to share. He's looking at forever. Tony doesn't even live near them but then again he wasn't looking forever, was he?

I really liked this story. It was so much more than I expected and done well. Though there were two parts to this story, each was fully developed and each was interesting on its own. I enjoyed watching the romance develop but I also couldn't wait to see how Tony was going to capture the bad guy. The characters were different, almost as different as Austin and Tony. Nicole may be a sub but she's not a doormat and Austin may be a switch but he makes a darn good Dom. Tony just likes to be in charge.

I strongly suggest that anyone who likes a bit of suspense with their romance to read this fantastic story.

Book Blurb for Secretary for Two

Genre: BDSM Menage
Length: Short Novel

Executive assistant Nicole Kerrigan has been in love with her boss, idealistic genius Austin Summers, since she first saw him. She has no idea he's fallen for her just as hard. Or that when Austin needs to be two places at once, his identical twin brother Tony steps into help. Tony's a hardboiled private eye who doesn't have qualms about sleeping with his secretary -- or his brother's -- and makes the move on Nicole that Austin didn't dare make. But when a hit man tries to take out Austin, she rushes to his side, and deception gets piled on top of deception.

Now Nicole is torn between two very different men who happen to look exactly the same. Can the three of them unravel the half-truths they've told, and can a woman serve two masters? Nicole is about to find out.

Publisher's Note: This book contains explicit sexual content, graphic language, and situations that some readers may find objectionable: BDSM theme and content, menage (m/f/m). 

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2011 4.75