de La Vega Cats, #2

This story may have been previously published but it is well worth the time to reread it once again. This is part of a spin off of Ms. Dane’s Cascadia Wolves series and a few beloved characters from that series do make an appearance in this one. However, if you’ve never read any of these awesome stories, don’t stop you from grabbing this one. It is fantastic and the story can be read out of the series with no problems except you’re going to want more. The world that is built is complex and interesting. Just when you think you understand it all, things evolve into something that is even more. The romance element is off the charts. Max and Kendra are solid characters that have their own personalities and strengths. These strengths are tested in various ways that could tear them apart or even kill them. I absolutely loved that there is a bigger plotline that weaves it’s way through the books within the series yet has enough in each book to feel complete. Of course, this is all in addition to the plotline that is just between Max and Kendra. So there is plenty of depth to this story. If you want to read an outstanding paranormal romance, this is definitely one to pick up.

Kendra is drawn to Max but she’s not going to act on it. One, she doesn’t have time to develop any type of relationship. She’s just moved to town and she has enough to do getting use to a new job and getting to know her sister. Two, Max is in line to run the jaguar jamboree when his father steps down. Kendra isn’t a jaguar. She’s a witch with enemies. Max, however, is more interested in Kendra than she knows. When circumstances gives Max the opportunity to act on his feelings he’s not going to pass it up. Can he convince Kendra to give his a chance?

Book Blurb for Revelation

Previously published; newly refreshed by author

Fall in love with the de La Vega cat shifters in this classic paranormal romance from New York Times bestselling author Lauren Dane, a spinoff of the fan-favorite Cascadia Wolves series

The very magick that brought them together now makes them targets…

Kendra Kellog may have found her sister, but she’s still miles away from bringing down the evil mages targeting her family. Max de La Vega is exactly what she doesn’t need at this moment in time—strong, smart and the very definition of alpha.

The next in line to run his jaguar jamboree, Max is used to getting what he wants. Right now, he wants Kendra. More than that, he realizes she needs him—and he’ll do whatever it takes to guarantee her safety.

With evil forces out to siphon her magick, Kendra can’t afford to keep pushing Max away. And for once, Max’s cat and his man are in total agreement: Kendra is his to protect.

This book is approximately 79,000 words

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Night Owl Reviews Dec, 2017 5.00