Just Between Friends

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Just Between Friends

Isabella “Bella” Carnetti and Seth Anderson have been best friends since grade school even though Seth was one grade ahead of Bella. Bella has been seen as one of the guys for years. As Bella isn’t real shapely, she doesn’t see this changing any time soon. Bella and Seth own houses next door to each other and even work in the same hospital; her as a nurse and he as a physical therapist. Both are in their mid-20s and having fun.
Things change one day when it dawns on Seth that Bella isn’t one of the guys but a very attractive woman. Suddenly, he seems to have a sexual interest in Bella but she’s not buying it. Bella treasures her friendship with Seth and doesn’t want anything to endanger it even though Bella has had non-friend feelings for Seth since high school. Bella’s seen Seth’s love them and leave them routine and doesn’t want that for them. If Seth wants to be more than friends he’s going to have to prove to Bella that this isn’t just a fling and that their friendship will remain intact. 
Making things difficult for Seth is Carmen, an old girlfriend who wants him back. She’s willing to do anything to get Seth’s interest including threatening Bella. During an auction for charity, Carmen gives the winning bid for a date with Seth sure that she can convince him to take her back and if not, the very lease she’ll get is a great night of sex. She’s furious when Seth puts off their date for days and then walks out on her plans for the evening. She recruits some help in her plan to get Seth back, planning to get him when he lease expects it.
The main characters in this book are fairly well developed. Readers get to know Seth and Bella’s parents as well as many of their friends and a special patient. Watching the way that they all interact allows you to get a feel for the real person and not just a cardboard person. The only character that wasn’t well fleshed out was Carmen who just seemed like a crazy woman.
The plot was excellent. Seth and Bella do cherish their friendship but Bella recognizes that while Seth wants to change it, he needs to see what the ramifications of this change could cause. As Bella tells Seth, he needs to think with something other than his dick. As Seth really looks at what changing a long standing friendship into something else, he realizes that like Bella he values their friendship more than he originally realized. While this part of the plot could have carried the book itself, adding Carmen to it only made it more interesting. Seth had had a lot of girlfriends over the years and it makes sense that one might regret loosing him and make an effort to get him back. Her plans were a bit over the top though and could have been reigned in a little.
The sexual scenes while graphic were well written. The emotional ties that were needed were present making Seth and Bella’s relationship come to life. The only thing I disliked and it’s a personal dislike was the bondage and spanking. If you’re into that type of thing, I’ll just say that it is in this book. If like me you’re not, I’ll just say it isn’t too much and doesn’t distract from Seth and Bella’s emerging relationship.
Overall, I found this to be a fun book with great characters. I found it interesting to read about Bella and Seth changing their long friendship into a different type of relationship and how their families reacted.

Book Blurb for Just Between Friends

Seth Anderson and Isabella Carnetti have been best friends since grade school. They live and work next to each other and are content with the status quo until the day that Seth realizes that Isabella is a desirable woman. She is leery of a relationship with him especially when she finds out he’s into tying up his lovers. He won’t rest until he has her in his bed. Then his ex shows up wanting to him back. Can Seth and Is have a relationship or will Seth’s ex be enough to tear them apart?

Warnings: This title contains graphic language, light bondage, toys and exhibitionism.

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2008 4.50