Going Deep

Boys of Fall

Awesome, just plan awesome. This story is so full of conflicting emotions and sexual sizzle that you can’t put it down but you need to before you’re overwhelmed. This story is part of a series but can be read without having read any of the other stories. However, you’re going to want to read the read of the series because they are just too good not to read. Colt’s ex-wife marries his brother and works with Paige who he is attracted to. That right there should have your interest up but when you bring in Colt’s business partner Drake to make a threesome, things just go up another notch. Oh yeah, it’s hot. But, it’s also a story of figuring out what you want and what you need. Paige likes Colt and Drake. Colt and Drake like Paige. However, Drake also likes Colt but Colt is straight. This does cause some awkwardness. I totally loved this story due to the emotional pull and turmoil. Plus, the characters are really interesting too. I can’t wait for more!

Colt and Paige are attending the wedding reception of Colt’s brother and his ex-wife’s marriage. Colt is really happy for them but he’s getting through the reception with a lot of help from tequila. As Colt attempts to locate his truck, he drops his key. Unable to find it, he asks Paige for a ride home. This would be an excellent idea except Paige is blocked in. Colt ends up calling Drake for a ride home for him and Paige but they don’t end up at home. Is this leading anywhere or just a really good one night stand?

Book Blurb for Going Deep

Two is hot…three is explosive.

The last wedding former high school linebacker Colt Bennett attended was his own—to the woman his brother is now marrying. But tequila, romance and regrets make a bad combination, and the next thing he knows, he’s half passed out in his ex’s best friend’s truck.

That Paige Wilcox hates the sight of him is incidental, right?

At least until Colt calls his best friend and business partner, Drake, to give him a ride home, and somehow the three of them end up in Paige's bedroom. There’s absolutely no reason why he should consider having a threesome…

Other than he’s been denying wanting both of them for months.

With Coach Carr on the mend and the rest of his high school football team back home, Colt’s starting to find his true place in his hometown. Except now he’s got even bigger problems than recriminations about the ex he’s long over. He’s falling for her best friend, and maybe even for his own…

Oh, and boys—and a girl—touch in this book. A lot.

Night Owl Reviews Oct, 2015 5.00