Free Agent

Boys of Fall

This short story is absolutely awesome. You quickly become involved with the characters and aren’t sure what Tucker is going to decide to almost the end of the story. Though this story is based on members of a football team, and Tucker has become an NFL player, it is not overly sporty. It is truly more of a romance. Lots of family and friends make this story have plenty of depth. There is a perfect blend of past, present and future. Lela is great. She has her own life, desires and plans yet she still is vulnerable. For a short story, I couldn’t ask for anything more except maybe more stories with some of the other players.

Thankfully, this is just the beginning of a series about the players of this championship football team. Three very talented authors, Mari Carr, Erin Nicholas and Cari Quinn. The main characters are members of the Quinn Texas Titans football team 12 years ago. Each story stands alone and all can be read in any order as they all occur during the same period of time.

Tucker never wanted or desired to return to Quinn, TX. But, when he gets a phone call about Coach needing help, he didn’t even hesitate. Tucker is currently an NFL player who is trying to decide if he is going to retire or continue to play. He’s been injured and the next time may cause permanent damage. Lela is doing what she always planned, teaching kindergarten in Quinn. However, Lela has never forgotten Tucker and Tucker hadn’t realize how much he missed Lela. But, the same problems from 12 years ago are still present. Tucker doesn’t want to be in Quinn and Lela doesn’t want to leave.

Book Blurb for Free Agent

Tucker had only one aspiration in high school - to get the hell out of town the second that diploma was in his hands. The only way out was his talent as quarterback on the gridiron. And his plan worked. He turned pro his sophomore year of college and never looked back. Never had any regrets.

Except her. Lela and Tucker's romance had been like a force of nature - steamy, unstoppable and tempestuous. He had always turned to her to forget about how bad things were at home, but when things took a turn for the worse, he broke it off and ran. For twelve years he stayed far away, unwilling to deal with his drunken father, his mother’s death, and unable to face the girl he never stopped thinking about.

When Tucker gets a call that his high school coach has suffered a heart attack and needs help, he has to make a decision. Does he return with his teammates to help his beloved coach? Does he take the risk of running into his father? What does he say to Lela about the way he disappeared so completely?

And what if the spark that flared so hot between them still exists?

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2015 5.00