For Her Pleasure

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For Her Pleasure

For her Pleasure is actually 3 novellas in one book. The characters intertwine these stories and the first two could have actually been in one book. However, the last one was a nice chance to see the story of a minor but lovable character from the second story.
What She Wants
Kit Townsend, Ryder Sinclair and Travis “Mac” McKenzie have been friends since childhood. Kit is a waitress at a local bar, Two Step, which also serves some food. About six months ago she was raped and her bright fun personality has dimmed to the point Ryder and Mac are worried about her. Ryder has a garage where he fixes/restores motorcycles. After high school he took off to travel on his bike. He has money from his father but that relationship was not the best. Mac is a cop. He joined the Navy after school but came back home. Ryder and Mac would both tell you that they came home for Kit as they both love her and have taken care of her for years as her home life was not the best.
It was a normal night at the Two Step but Mac and Ryder are tired of seeing Kit so skittish. Acting on impulse, Mac invites her home with him to take their friendship in a different direction and asks if she minds Ryder coming along too. She agrees. All of them are aware that this may change their close friendship and that was worth more than any sexual encounter they may have. But the night plans change a bit when Kit finds a note from her rapist on her steering wheel. The rapist is staking her and now Mac and Ryder have found out.
Swearing to protect her and never have her out of one of their sights, the friends explore the new diameters of their relationship. Mac and Kit seem to be becoming a couple and Ryder feeling that he is interfering starts backing out to give Mac and Kit more time alone. But with the rapist stepping up, he can’t leave Kit unprotected while Mac is at work and his feelings are only getting stronger.
As the investigation continues on the rapist, it becomes known that it is someone Kit knows but they don’t know whom. As he makes his move, will Mac and Ryder be able to protect Kit or will she have to rely on herself? And where is this relationship going between the friends? Can they keep it together or will Ryder need to step all the way out so Mac and Kit can become a couple?
What She Needs
Novella two is a continuation of the first one. Kit is extremely upset that Ryder doesn’t come around as much as he use to. She misses him. Mac willing to do anything to make Kit happy, asks Ryder to join them on a weekend at the beach. Ryder trying to do the right thing turns down the invitation until Kit comes asking. It seems Ryder will do anything to keep Kit happy too.
Life doesn’t go smoothly even after a wonderful time at the beach. Mac wants to marry Kit, which scares the heck out of her causing her to run to Ryder for help. Then, Kit finds out that she is pregnant and the best time for it to have happened is the weekend at the beach. In Ryder’s mind, at least, that means there is an excellent probability that the baby is his. With Mac and Kit getting married, is this going to cause problems? Then, when Mac gets shot and is in the hospital fighting for his life and Kit needs Ryder with her the most, he isn’t there. So, where is he?
Ryder, still trying to do what he thinks is best for Kit, is in a local strip club drowning his sorrows. Stripper, Mia Nichols, is trying to tell him that this will not solve anything. In other words, Mia is trying to be a good friend. Ryder and Mia tried to get something going but while they are friends that is where it ends. Mia encourages him to tell Mac and Kit about his feelings and see where that goes. He’s scared, as he doesn’t want to hurt his long time friends and truly only wants the best for them. But what if what is the best is he included in Mac and Kit’s relationship?
What She Craves
The last novella is Mia’s story.
Mia has gotten herself in trouble. She was set up by local cops and now is working at a strip joint so she won’t have to go to jail. She isn’t happy doing this but feels she has no choice. She also doesn’t see any way out.
Two years prior, she had a wonderful night with Texas Ranger Jack Kincaid. The next morning, Jack literally disappears and no one with the Rangers say they even know who he is. Jack went undercover to bust a major drug ring but now he’s back and looking for Mia to make sure she’s okay. When he finds out that she is working at a strip club a few counties away, Jack is determined to get her out of there. What he finds is a mess and lots of corruption. Will he be able to get her out of this situation that she has gotten herself into? And will she forgive him for leaving? And where will their relationship go?
When Mia is suddenly and unexpectly put on a slave block will Jack be able to find her in time? And more important, if he can find her, can he get her out of there without either of them being killed?
Ms Banks has done an excellent job with this book. Each story is well written and has it’s own plot yet builds on the story before it.
The characters are well defined. You understand Kit’s pain at being raped and the not knowing who would do this to her. Ryder wanting what is best for Kit and his willingness to step back so Kit and Mac can explore their relationship is so touching that you just want to hug him. And Mia knowing that Kit isn’t thrilled to be helping a stripper whom at least one of her guys had an interest in, was perfect. I loved all of the characters and wished them the best.
The story lines though not long are well done. You don’t know who the rapist is until the end and then it’s a surprise. Mac, Ryder and Kit’s decision on how to define their relationship and where to go from there while not unseen, the build up is great. Even Mia’s story has twists in it that are unexpected. I wanted to know what next.
Ms Banks writes very graphic sex scenes that may not be to everyone’s taste. These can be considered a central part of her storylines. If you can’t handle sex that is not considered mainstream, don’t bother reading this book. It has a threesome as well as other non-traditional sex in it.

Book Blurb for For Her Pleasure

From the Publisher A delicious twist on erotic romance, and the debut collection from a hot new author. Three novellas. Two interlocking stories. One sizzling read. Nice set up: one spirited woman in Kit Townsend, and two hot buddies, Ryder and Mac, who take turns giving Kit what she needs. It's the perfect no-strings triangle and while it doesn't exactly follow the rules, neither does Kit. But when love unexpectedly throws these three friends for a loop, can they still have a happy ending? And then there's Mia Malone, a sweet Dallas girl who had big dreams for the future when she first met Texas Ranger Logan Kincaid. That fairy tale was a lifetime ago. Today, framed for drug possession, she's forced to work undercover at a strip joint where several working girls have disappeared. Then in walks Logan-her protector, savior, and lover. Author Description Maya Banks has published three previous erotic novels with an e-publisher.

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2008 4.00