First Encounter

Book one in The Training of Maggie Malone Series

Maggie Malone has made a decision. Her sex life was lacking and she felt drawn to things a little more kinky. After a lot of research, she finally decided to try out BDSM at an exclusive club that had good reviews. That’s way she’s sitting at an orientation with 4 other people wanting to be subs. Tonight, she’s going to get to try things she’s never done before.

Julian Daniels can’t believe his eyes. What is his business partner, Maggie doing here! He’s one of the Doms that will be initiating the new subs. While all of the Doms will do a good job, Julian wants to be the one to initiate Maggie. The problem is he probably won’t get a choice of subs until after most of the other Doms. Can he accept that Maggie may be lead away with someone else?
This is book one in what appears to be a series of books about Maggie Malone and her adventures in exploring BDSM. Because of that, this book only covers her first night but leaves readers knowing that she’s not finished by a long shot.
While much of this story involves BDSM, it’s really about Maggie and Julian’s relationship. They’ve known each other for years but would not have imagined doing the things that they will do with each other. Neither knew that the other had kinky sexual interests and Julian would have denied Maggie had them to anyone who even suggested it. Julian knows that Maggie needs to initiated into this type of lifestyle but he has no desire to loose her friendship. Can they trust each other to maintain what they have while they explore what may be?
This story wasn’t exactly what I was expected but it was excellent. I think my expectations were off. The feelings and emotions that were expressed enhanced the story and made it much more believable than what I had dreamed up. The sexual scenes were graphic but involved the readers as well as the characters. 
There were several secondary characters that were briefly seen and I hope that we see more of them. This story revolved around two characters with little interaction between any other. But, this is the beginning and who knows what Maggie will be doing next. She has said she’d like to try at threesome and lots more! Come on Maggie!

Book Blurb for First Encounter

Contemporary/ BDSM 
The only thing scarier than admitting to ones desires is acting on them. 
After living for years with her suppressed desires, Maggie Malone has finally had enough. In search of satisfaction, she joins Club Exotica, a pricy and exclusive BDSM club. 
Maggie's done her homework and knows the journey she's about to embark on will be filled with encounters that will test her courage and endurance. What she hadn't planned on was having her business partner and star of her erotic dreams, Julian Daniels end up as her Master. Facing him with her desires is embarrassing enough, allowing him to help her fulfil them will be damn near impossible.

Night Owl Reviews Feb, 2010 4.75