Evangeline of Dark Haven

Truckee Wolves, #2

This is a story that was released earlier as part of an anthology centered around the BDSM club Dark Haven. It’s a terrific short story that introduces two very different shifter packs, the Napa Pack and the Truckee Pack. This story isn’t so much about the packs but about one night at Dark Haven when the alpha of the Napa Pack meets his mate who is on the run. Eva’s character is brought to life with a past and a present. She’s use to being on her own and definitely has opinions she’s willing to share. Harte’s past isn’t as thought out but his caring comes across without any problem. He is definitely a likable character. But, a big part of this story is the sex, the sex scenes and some pack power struggles. Each of those parts is done with care and depth. Lots of hot scenes to turn you on with BDSM elements, so you have been warned! I’d read this story before and it was just as good the second time. I really enjoyed these peaks into both packs and learning how an alpha found a mate.

Eva knows someone is following her and she has to find some where to hide and fast! Seeing all the people going into Dark Haven, she assumes that it is some sort of club. She quickly enters, pays her fees and learns that she’s in a sex club. This is totally not where she wants to be. However, she’s already drawn the attention of Harte, alpha of the Napa Pack. He wants to know what is scaring this lone little wolf. He’s attracted to her but can he convince her that he can help?

Book Blurb for Evangeline of Dark Haven

This isn’t what she came here for!

Pursued by a group of mysterious hunters, Evangeline Jones is desperate for sanctuary when she ducks into the doorway of Dark Haven. Instead of safety, she discovers a decadent, sensual world that challenges her entire outlook on life. (And sex.)

Harte Sommers is charmed by the little wolf with the pink streak in her ebony hair. As Alpha of the Napa pack, he sometimes feels that he's alone at the top and he can't indulge his deepest needs. When he meets Eva, he knows he might not be able to keep this wild little wolf at his side, but his heart tells him that his lonely days might be at an end.

Publisher's Note: Evangeline of Dark Haven was previously published in an anthology that is no longer available. It has not been re-edited or revised for this edition.

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2015 4.50