Escorting Sydney

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Escorting Sydney

The Doms of Drakos, #1

The sex scenes were well written and numerous. And, if that is what you are looking for in a romance, you’ll enjoy this story. The first few introductory chapters did give some background into the characters but they never really grew from there. Sydney pretty much stays a klutzy, overweight woman with very little self-confidence. Logan is arrogant, controlling and seems to think money can buy just about anything. Though they have an instant connection, there is very little dialog where anything of importance is exchanged. Logan telling Sydney what to do doesn’t really count. While there are lots of BDSM elements within this story, a couple very important things were left out; a safe word and discussion of limits. Sydney pretty much thinks she has to submit to whatever Logan choices to do to her which could be very dangerous. Yet, with all the distractors, I couldn’t seem to put this book down. I’m not sure why. Perhaps because this story reflects a fantasy that many women can relate to or maybe I just like well written sex scenes.

Sydney is not only over weight and plain but she hasn’t even been on a date for the past 5 years, ever since she found her sister giving her boyfriend a blowjob. She has no fashion sense and has problems walking down the street without tripping. Still, she has a job she loves and a house she owns due to an inheritance. When she learns that the doctor she works for is retiring and his replacement is her ex, Sydney knows she can no longer work at the clinic. Due to appear at a family function, Sydney hires an escort so she won’t show up alone. Logan wants to buy the property Sydney lives in and is furious that he’s being ignored. Determined to acquire the property, he flies to England to talk to the mysterious Sydney. Arriving about the same time as the hired escort, Sydney mistakes Logan for her escort. Logan isn’t complaining as Sydney is someone he definitely wants to get to know better. Can this attraction lead to anything?

Book Blurb for Escorting Sydney

Pretty is an apt description, an exclusive word that just about sums up Sydney. Pretty plain, pretty overweight and pretty devastated when she finds her sister in bed with her boyfriend. Can life get any worse? Sydney doesn’t think so until she mistakes a billionaire property developer for the male escort she’s hired. Logan is only too keen to introduce her into his world, fulfilling all her deepest sexual fantasies. The ones she’s stored into the dark recesses of her mind. Under the compartment called filth, shackled with the chains she has dreamed of. What Logan wants he takes, and it’s Sydney. For two weeks only, she’ll give her body, and he’ll introduce her into a world of sex she’s only ever dreamed of. So why is she worried when he tells her he’ll only give her what she asks for?

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2013 4.00