Burning Love

Calendar Men August

This short story is part of a series about men posing on a calendar for charity. While it is short, there is a lot in it besides just a romance. Jude is struggling to redefine himself after a serious on the job injury. This struggle starts to define his life. Michaela owns a café and has little time to even think about a relationship. Together they seem to compliment each other. While somewhat sweet, there are some steamy scenes in this romance. Neither character is prefect but they seem perfect for each other and keeping their hands where they belong becomes a challenge, one neither is working hard at. I really enjoyed this story and it highlights Cassandra Carr’s writing style well. It does stand alone so you don’t have to start with January. This is a great feel good story that would be excellent for anytime you need a pick me up or just want to relax with love.

Jude ended up on disability after an accident during a fire. He’s lucky to be alive but he’s not so happy that rehab isn’t going better so he can get back on the job. When a friend calls and asks him to pose for a calendar for charity, Jude isn’t exactly thrilled but does agree to do it. There he learns that it’s not as bad as he thought it would be. In fact, it was kind of fun. On his way out, he literally bumps into Michaela. After helping her unload her van, he follows her to her café for lunch, wanting to know her more. What he finds is one very busy lady. Can she take enough time to spend some with Jude?

Book Blurb for Burning Love

Firefighter Jude Mason is hurt on the job and placed on disability. While he rehabs his injuries, doubts start creeping in. What if he never heals? Worse than that, is the question he barely dares to contemplate—what will he do for work if he can never go back to the station? Firefighting is all he knows.

Michaela owns a café and lives her life with the constant threat of her business failing. She works long hours making her restaurant a success, leaving little time for romance. And who would want her anyway? She’s far from model-thin, for one thing. Sure, she’d like to have someone to share the good times and bad with, but her prospects are few, so she concentrates on her job rather than bemoaning her complete lack of a love life.

A collision at a photo shoot brings Jude and Michaela together. They both feel the pull, but with Jude’s uncertain future and Michaela’s nonstop job, can they find common ground? If they’re lucky, Jude and Michaela might discover a future that burns brighter with true love.

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2014 4.50