Blue Desire

Dang but this story is good and in so many ways. This short (just over 100 pages) story is so multi-faceted and has so much depth that it will shock you. It wasn’t just a BDSM story or a comeback story but it was a combination of both giving it characteristics that are usually found in a much longer book. There wasn’t any hardcore BDSM in this story but there were some really good lessons like not lying to your Dom and the need for a safe word. For me, it was perfect. The comeback part was just as good with betrayal, reinvention and a hard rock scene. You don’t have to like punk rock to understand the edginess that was being portrayed. Each character had interest. They weren’t just there but had friends, former lovers and families. In other words, they were real. And, maybe because they felt real, I couldn’t put this story down and when I finished it I wanted more. Like I said, Dang, this story is good.

For fans of Ms van Yssel, you will see characters that have appeared in other books. I love how she incorporates characters into books that are standalone stories. You don’t have to read her stories, for the most part, in any order but just pick one up. However, once you pick up one don’t be surprised when you go looking for more of her work.

Kat has moved across country after getting thrown out of the punk rock band she started. She’s almost broke due to not getting the money the band owes her but doesn’t have enough money to hire a lawyer to get it. She’s on edge so decides to visit a local BDSM club. There she finds herself attracted to Dom, Brett who sees through her manipulations. This is a first and Kat isn’t sure she likes it. Bret has a habit of wanting to fix people he sees as broken and he sees Kat as this way. He wants to know why she needs the tough act and seeks to learn what she really needs. Kat doesn’t have time for a relationship. She needs to start rebuilding her career. Brett has no problem with the rebuilding but he wants in her life. Can they compromise? When Kat’s former lover and band mate confronts her, she’s going to have to figure out who she can trust!

Book Blurb for Blue Desire

Kat is looking to re-launch her career as a rocker after breaking up with her ex and her band. She takes time out for a quick distracting thrill by pretending to be the perfect submissive at BDSM club Le Petit Mort. She quickly sets her sights on Brett as a Dom who can give her what she needs and send her on her way.

Brett's trying to figure out why Kat thinks she needs to pretend to be something she isn't. He decides to discover the real woman behind the tough facade, because he can't resist a challenge, but he doesn't realize that the real Kat might be the perfect submissive for him after all.

Night Owl Reviews May, 2013 5.00