A Cougar Among Wolves

Black Hills Wolves #45

This paranormal romance has more than shifters. It has a group of human intent on torture and killing all shifters. This story is set among the Black Hills Wolves pack and some of the major characters that have shown up in those books are in this one. However, they are secondary characters with Klaya taking a primary role as she discovers that her mate is actually mates and those mates are wolves! Klaya is a cougar. Amongst the terror and killing are some awesome sweet scenes in beautiful settings and with lots of feelings. The emotions come across the pages as things get intense. This is a great addition to this series. It does stand-alone so don’t worry if you’ve never read any of the previous books in this series. However, you may find yourself falling in love with the Black Hills Wolves like I have. They are definitely addicting.

Klaya is desperately trying to escape the men who killed her brother and who are now trying to kill her. After being seriously shot, she hides within a tree’s root system. There she is found by Rogue and Seth, wolves from the Black Hills pack. Though she is not a wolf and outsiders are not welcome within the pack, the men know she needs immediate medical attention that their pack doctor can provide. But, can they get her to him before it’s too late? And, once there, how will the pack Alpha and Enforcer take it?

Book Blurb for A Cougar Among Wolves

A sadistic attack leaves Klaya, a Puma Clan Cougar, critically injured and the last of her family ferociously slain. She stumbles into Black Hills Wolf territory and collapses. Now under the protection of the pack, she finds herself whisked away to hide out in a cave until her old friend the alpha returns. Potentially the last of her shifter kind, she has nothing left to lose, but her life and a chance to avenge her brother.

After a dangerous rescue, on the edge of pack territory, Seth and Rogue take a woman on the brink of death back to the pack. Her identity and why she was brutalized is a mystery. The pieces soon fit together proving this assault was no coincidence. The Black Hills Wolves pack faces a bigger threat than they could even imagine. The trio soon find themselves on a tumultuous journey of life and death and relentless lust.

Night Owl Reviews Apr, 2016 4.50