Colin Cuffed

Encounters: Colin Cuffed by Lex Valentine is a short story that ties into the Darkworld series. This is a short that is meant to excite the reader and give them a taste. The author has multiple shorts available, coined Fire Dark Realms Encounters, and each focuses on a different couple from Tales in the Darkworld. The scenes that are written about in these shorts focus on sexual encounters between.

Colin Cuffed is a glimpse into the sexual life of Colin and his wife Eden. With one of Eden's family members away on vacation with her husband, Eden decides to take Colin to her cousin's house for a night of “play” in the house's private dungeon. At first Colin is reluctant with what Eden has planned. But he ends up giving into Eden, which leads to a night that Colin will never forget. The scene proves that even married couples can be kinky as well as females can be strong, dominant people without jeopardizing the relationship. In fact it brings an element where it gives the female the power and puts them in charge.

While Colin Cuffed is a story that only touches on one faucet of the married couple’s sex life, it brought insight to each character's personality. While reading, I found myself drawn in and wondering just exactly how far Edan was going to take her husband and what she was going to do and how he was going to react to being cuffed to the table. Furthermore, it was very well written with amazing descriptions that made me feel like I was right there in the story.

Even though I knew it was a short scene, to give me just a taste of the characters, I found myself wanting more. The book was over way too soon and brought a bit of sadness while craving. I definitely am going to have to acquire the full novel of this couple so I can fallow their adventures throughout their life and possibly find out how they met and what drives them to be who they are.

All in all, this is a story that I will keep to read again. I want to keep it along with the main full blown novel. Even though Colin Cuffed is a standalone story, I believe that it would be even better as an addition to their main story. Overall, I give this book 4 stars. It's not something that I would pick up again and again to read but I would go back to it on occasion when reading the Tales from the Darkworld series.

Book Blurb for Colin Cuffed

Colin Granville had a bad day and was looked forward to a quiet evening with his mate. But Eden has other plans for him that don’t include “quiet.” Her cousin Emily is away on vacation and Eden has the key to her house. She takes Colin there and introduces him to Emily and Vahid’s private dungeon. Reluctant to play at first, Colin gives in to Eden and is instantly cuffed to the bed. What follows is a night of sensory deprivation and fun with a violet wand, proving that even married couples can be pretty kinky.

Night Owl Reviews May, 2013 4.00