In "Terran" Cara Bristol takes us back to the planet of Parseon with it's alphas and betas. It's a very male dominated world where women are the lowest of the low. But some men and women are trying to change that.

In this second installment we have a villain from the first book redeem himself. That's one of my favorite tropes and Cara brought the scenario to life.

In book one Alpha Commander Marlix was a really bad boy. In that book he learns of a special impenetrable material. It's a material that could save his life and the lives of his men. But the material is only available from the Terran female vendor Tara. Tara has a wonderful shop in the foreign quarter of the market. But to leave the market could be deadly for her. Parseon isn't a friendly place.

In book two we get to go along with Marlix and Tara as they find their HEA.

Marlix is attracted to the pink haired foreigner Tara, but he knows there is no place for a relationship between them. But when Tara is viciously attacked, he steps in and saves her....aka abducts her.

As Parseon moves towards civil war their society is breaking down. The memes of the past are changing. War can't be held off much longer if real change is going to happen. The question is, who will stand up and fight for change and who's fine with the status quo.

I very much enjoyed this story and the play between Tara and Marlix. This book is only for readers that can handle dark science fiction. I personally can't wait to see where the series goes next.

Book Blurb for Terran

After fleeing loneliness and heartache on Terra, Tara Diehl has adjusted to male-dominated Parseon better than most vendors--until she is kidnapped by Alpha Marlix, one of the five rulers of the planet. At first she’s terrified of her tall, muscled abductor, especially when he doesn’t hesitate to quell her struggle for freedom with a little corporal discipline. After all her methods and ploys to escape fail, she decides to seduce her way to freedom.

But out of seduction and subterfuge grow a true intimacy that cause Marlix and Tara to take action that drives Parseon to the brink of civil war, and threatens not only their relationship, but also their lives.

Terran, the second book in the Breeder sci-fi series, is a “capture” romance involving a domineering but hunky alien, a female with a bad dye job and an even worse attitude, explicit sex, anal sex, and spanking.

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2017 4.00